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10 Best Ways to Protect Your Trading Cards

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We love you for protecting your cards with superior quality Mayday sleeves. But if our unyielding adoration just isn’t enough, here are ten more reasons it’s better to use protection.
  1. Protect your rares while still playing them. Your best cards shouldn’t have to sit out. Sleeve up and send your Mirror Force, Black Lotus, or Holographic Mew in to wreak havoc.
  2. Just say no to wear and tear. Worn edges, surface scratches, bends, folds, and fading happen over time, even if you’re more than careful with your cards. Prevent typical signs of card aging with quality sleeves to keep them collectible and readable. It’s like Botox for your card box—except a lot less scary.
  3. Stop cheating before it starts with opaque-backed sleeves. Most people don’t mean to cheat, but dangle a marked, stained, or see-through card in front of their face and they’ll thwart your plans like a Bond Villain. Premium sleeves with solid backs prevent foul play so truth and justice always prevail.
  4. Differentiate your cards from friends and opponents. Never lose your cards in the mix. Sleeves set your deck apart from the rabble.
  5. Stop spills, stains, and grease. Maybe you play cards in full butler’s livery, but most of us game with our gloves off. Chips, soda, and stress sweat are part of the package, so keep it clean with easy-wipe sleeves.
  6. Pimp your deck. Choose from a variety of colors to make your deck pop. Nothing says, “fear my wrath” more than a signature hue.
  7. Shuffle smoother. Sleeves give a better shuffle every time, with less sticking and fairer distribution. Plus, shuffling like a pro makes you look like a magician. Kazaam!
  8. Protect the cards you love from the people you love. Friends, kids, and even man’s best friend have been known to totally and indiscriminately trash your treasures. Ward off fingerprints, slobber, and goodness knows what else with protection perfection.
  9. Shield cards from environmental factors like sunlight, moisture, and humidity. No matter where you live, or how well you take care of your cards, danger is lurking! Tell fear, “Not today!” with sleeves to fight fading, curling, and evil in general.
  10. Ladies love ‘em. (Gents love ‘em too!) That’s right—what’s hotter than being a tabletop enthusiast? What’s more attractive than owning the sickest summoning deck in the city? Card sleeves. Just be prepared for all the fame, glory, and pheromones that come with the territory.

Not convinced? Order a pack of card sleeves from us today and find out for yourself!

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