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What is a Card Sleeve? Protect Your Cards Today

What is a Card Sleeve? Protect Your Cards Today

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This quarantine period during the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to go back to board games like crokinole, ludo, monopoly. In the same way, card games are also making a huge come-back by diversifying. Now, card games are not limited to uno, bluff, or other games with king, queen, and jack, etc. The wide variety of card games include Cards Against Humanity, The Game of Thing, Social Sabotage, Personally Incorrect, Splendor, Pandemic, Dead of Winter, Blood Rage, 7 Wonders, Through the ages, and so many more.

Why are card games getting so popular? Well, the answer is pretty simple. They are not only fun but, also very mentally stimulating. They make you think for answers plus make you laugh out loud at the ridiculousness. That is what we call a ‘having a great bonding time’.


A card sleeve can be described as any tool which is typically used for keeping gaming/ sports cards in pristine condition. This is because a single dent or any other form of damage could drastically lower the worth of these cards. Penny sleeves is another term very commonly used for card sleeves simply because of the fact that they are so inexpensive.


Sports cards are making a come-back. In case you were not aware, sports card trading is an actual business and people are making millions from it. Just recently, the ex-controversial YouTube sensation, Logan Paul hosted a livestream where he unboxed first edition Pokémon cards worth thousands of dollars. Do you know how he protected those cards? He used card sleeves.

Even if you are not into collecting expensive gaming cards, but are into card games, you should still consider getting yourself a pack of card sleeves to keep them safe. Otherwise, your cards will damage, and various notorious players can use that as an advantage and know which cards you have in your hands.

Keep in mind, there are cards being sold for at least half a milliondollars and a card sleeve is the only device that helps you in maintaining its worth. To protect your collection cards a little bit more, you can also try double sleeving them. Double sleeving is when you insert the card inside a very thin plastic card sleeve and then insert it inside the traditional gaming sleeve. However, keep in mind in some situations, double sleeving your cards is considered illegal.


You cannot simply purchase just any card sleeve. Just like any other product, you have to look into a few things in order to buy the best one for yourself. Here are some of the main features to look out for.


Measure your cards beforehand to determine the size of the card sleeves that would work best for you. You want a card sleeve that is about a centimeter bigger than your cards.


The most important thing to consider when buying card sleeves is to make sure that they are free of acid. Otherwise, the acid will ruin your cards with time. Just imagine your quarter-milliondollar worth, first edition, holographic, Charizard getting ruined because you bought an acidic card sleeve. No one wants that, hence, be smart and vigilant when purchasing card sleeves.


There are various types of cards that need different levels of protection. The standard card sleeves are thick enough to protect your standard collection. However, the premium card sleeves are thicker in width because they are manufactured from thicker plastic polypropylene.
Apart from these, there are easy grade card sleeves that are designed to fit perfectly for easy grade cards. Their angles are slightly cornered which makes it easy for such cards to slide in. Moreover, you can also get card sleeves that are specifically made for holographic cards and vintage cards.


What is the purpose of your card? Is it a collectible? Are you going to trade it? Or are they playing cards? Are you going to enter a tournament with your collection? For playing cards, you should consider the thick and rigid card sleeves because not only the thin ones provide less protection but, they also make it hard for you to shuffle them.

Besides, with playing cards, the thinner card sleeves wear out a lot sooner and that is not what you paid for. Moreover, for tournament cards, you should go for clear card sleeves.

Mayday Games have card sleeves of various types and for various games. They are free of acid and completely safe for your expensive collection cards. You can also get them in bundles in order to save a few bucks. The standard size for card sleeves is 2.5 x 3.5 inches but, at Mayday Games, you can grab them in various sizes.

These high quality, card sleeves will also protect your cards from any spillage, hot or cold, because of the fact that they are leak-proof. The variety is large, the benefits are never-ending. So, what is stopping you from buying in a bundle of card sleeves? Get yours now only at Mayday Games.

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