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Hosting Your Epic Game Night - Killer Tips & Ideas

Hosting Your Epic Game Night - Killer Tips & Ideas

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I recently attended a game night that was like no other. The entire night was themed, enhancing the atmosphere and making game night that much more enjoyable. So that got me thinking about what makes a good game night and what can we do to make our game sessions more memorable.
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Here's what I came up with. What makes a good game night? I think there are a lot of factors to take into account when planning a game night, not just what game we will be playing. Personally, I like when the host has a game picked out, maybe partially set up, and knows the rule book. You need to have a comfortable place to play. Sometimes it's a dining room or if you are lucky, a dedicated game room. Your stuffy, dirty garage or basement isn't exactly the ideal place for gaming. The group also needs to click and get along. There's nothing worse than clashing gamers that are constantly arguing over rules. I think those are the 3 absolute basics for a good game night.
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But who wants a good when we can all have a great game night? First off, you need to set the mood with a solid theme. This can easily be done with background music. On nights we play Rum and Bones, we play pirate rock or a sound track to a pirate themed game or movie. Snacks are a must, especially if you are playing a very long game like Arkham Horror. Themed snacks can be tough sometimes but are usually achievable with a little thought and a Google search. How about sliders and fries when you play Food Chain Magnate? There is nothing better than a themed drink. Ale for Champions of Midgard is a great one, as it fits the Viking theme really nicely. Those are 3 basic things you can do that are simple but really make the night pop.
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 So what made the night I mentioned in the beginning of the blog so memorable? Well we played Blood Rage (one of my favorite games right now). When you walked in the house you heard the Viking metal playing in the background. The drinks for the night were Mead and ale. People wore Viking hats and spoke like Vikings. The only thing the night was missing was giant turkey legs and porridge. So to recap:

  1. Game themed drinks
  2. Board gamer snacks
  3. theme music
  4. props/decor

Granted every week can't be this extravagant but try to treat your guests once a month. Maybe make your last game night of the month a theme night. A little thought and preparation goes a long way, and trust me when I say your guests will thank you and probably be talking about it for months to come. What's your most memorable game night? Share it with us on our Facebook or Instagram. Keep gaming Mike H.

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