Elite Crokinole Boards

We launched our most popular Kickstarter campaign EVER in mid-2024 (here) and we had over 5,000 backers for more than $700k in funds!  This campaign was for our 8th season of Crokinole Boards.  Since 2011 we have been offering crokinole boards mass-produced in China with the idea of getting 80% of the functionality at 1/3 the price.  

In the process of running this campaign we came across an all-new factory that promised us such amazingly high quality that we could hardly believe it.  We are still moving forward with our 2024 boards from the Kickstarter campaign, but this new factory's samples and quote were frankly next-level.  We have seen and even encouraged many of our prior customers leaving our brand to go purchase a $350+ board from some amazingly talented custom board shops such as Tracy's boards.  We have always thought that surely putting the highest quality standards with cheaper hourly labor rates could result in an even better product. 

We have finally done it!  We are announcing our new Elite Series boards.  These will be 100% of the quality at 50% off the price of those custom shops!    Actually if you factor in all the extras and upgrades we include in our new Elite Series boards, you are getting 110% of the product for 50% of the price!

We are planning on fully launching this new product line in 2025 but decided to offer our existing 5000+ backers of our 2024 Kickstarter the option to upgrade into these new boards rather than our normal board. Don't get us wrong, the 2024 boards are still looking to be our BEST EVER but these Elite Series Boards are a significant upgrade from even those!  Here are a few photos of the boards.  We will plan on launching a crowdfunding project for these 2025 boards sometime after our 2024 boards are all fulfilled.  

UPDATE 6/28/2024.  By popular demand we are NOT going to include our logo on the front of the board.  We really are proud of these boards and want people to know they are Mayday's Elite boards, but we will put our logo and a QR code on the back of the board instead.

This is the Beech hardwood board!  UPDATE 6/28/2024.  By popular demand we changed the ditch to BLACK on the beech board!

And the Mahogany board.  Note the boards will NOT include the cloth pouch pictured above, but will come with the following:

  • 3 rubber feet on the bottom of the Elite board. 
  • 26" playing surface with all rubber/screw pegs (not wood as pictured in the beech above)
  • 28 discs (14 each of black and natural)
  • Magnetic close scoring/storage box for the discs with 2 pegs (black and natural) for scoring
  • 2 acrylic 20s holders
  • Custom Silica Gel adaptors (2) to hold the acrylic holders in place on the slightly narrower rim than our standard board
  • 3-ounce Wax Tin 
  • Full-color instruction book

Note these will retail for $225 and are about 3 pounds heavier than our regular boards.  The surface and finish detail of these boards are next-level and are truly heirloom quality.  The factory we are making these at does high-end furniture for major brands across the world, as well as other very high-end gaming tables (pool/billiards/shuffleboard).  

We are tentatively planning a crowdfunding project for 2025 with a base cost of $149 + shipping but final details have not been finalized.  We plan on waiting until all of our 2024 Kickstarter fulfillment is done before tackling that.  We also hope to have some candid feedback from our backers who choose to upgrade to this board for their 2024 rewards on a limited basis.

We are NOT accepting preorders for our Elite boards at this time.  Please check back later. 

You can check out our Tournament Edition boards HERE.

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