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How Do I Play Crokinole? What Are The Rules?

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Crokinole is suited for 2-4 players. If 4 people play, two groups of two will take turns shooting. Start the game by assigning each team or player 12 discs of the same color. Traditionally one player will fist either color in each hand, and let the opponent make a blind selection to determine turns. The chosen color goes first. Turns go clockwise. All players must keep hands off the board throughout play. To shoot, each player sets a disc at the “starting line” border within their board quadrant. Players aim for the center hole, which counts for 20 points. Any disc that lands in the hole will be removed and set aside. If the disc misses the hole, the net player must attempt to shoot that disc into the ditch. If the player misses this shot and fails to contact the first disc, the second player’s disc goes into the ditch too. Caroms, shots that bounce off a post or other disc, are not allowed. Combination shots that bounce off other items are also banned. Furthermore, a shot that slides off the playing surface and bounces back on is considered out of play and is removed from the ditch. Similarly, discs that cross or land on the shooting line go into the ditch. When all discs are played, the player to the left of the starting player will begin the next round. At the end of each round, each player or team counts their discs within each circle. The inner circle counts 15 points for each disc, the middle circle counts 10 points for each disc, and the outer circle counts 5 points for each disc. Discs touching the lines separating each circle count for the lesser circle, while discs touching the starting or shooting line will not count. Players should also add in twenty points per disc sunk in the hole. Instead of simply adding the scores, the true score is determined by subtracting the lower score from the higher score. Therefore, the difference of the points is the true score for that round. The rules may seem complex, but crokinole is really just a matter of shooting for targets and knocking out opponents. The game can be picked up in minutes and action begins immediately, making it fun for experts and newcomers alike.


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