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Sneak Peek Graphics [Click Clack Lumberjack]

Hi all, it's Allison here at Mayday Games. We have a ton of upcoming games and I can't keep the secret much longer. Below are a few sneak peeks of upcoming games. You've all seen our popular game, Click Clack Lumberjack. We're in the works of reprinting CCL and thought the existing design could use a revamp. The box is now larger and the contents are much better (three(!) different bark colors, clear rulebook instructions, more game variants). Axe yourself, do you have what it takes to make the cut? The graphics are almost complete for this game called AssassinCON (created by Binh Vo). Here's a...

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Board Game Creation - Walking the Fine Line...

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One of my favorite things about board games is the way they stoke our imagination, whisk us away from the daily routine, and get our blood pumping (or boiling) with a little “friendly” competition. The greatest games take us to new places (real or imagined) with captivating adventures and thrilling challenges. Think of the board games you’ve loved over the years and you have to marvel at the creativity and thought that made those games a reality. A game that brings friends and family together, again and again, should truly be admired. But, occasionally, we see even some of the...

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Dead Man's Draw Fan Art by Talon Strikes Studios

Thanks to Talon Strikes Studios for an awesome and very creative fan art submission for our latest Kickstarter project, Dead Man's Draw. Thanks to those that have supported our Kickstarter campaign so far. Funding closes in 23 hours from now and we couldn't be more appreciative of the support from the gaming community for our project. If you haven't yet, don't miss your chance to back Dead Man's Draw on Kickstarter today!

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