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Board Game Creation - Walking the Fine Line...

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One of my favorite things about board games is the way they stoke our imagination, whisk us away from the daily routine, and get our blood pumping (or boiling) with a little “friendly” competition. The greatest games take us to new places (real or imagined) with captivating adventures and thrilling challenges. Think of the board games you’ve loved over the years and you have to marvel at the creativity and thought that made those games a reality. A game that brings friends and family together, again and again, should truly be admired. But, occasionally, we see even some of the greatest board game designers cross a very fine line. Somehow, something intangible (or in your face) makes you realize that even though the last game that came from “Designer X” was incredible, the latest game was… eh, just OK (or, worse, unbelievably bad). It probably had elements of a hit game that preceded it, but those elements, perhaps, began to stack up until they become overkill – and kill the fun of the game. I know many of you can name some examples (so I WON’T – least I offend your delicate sensibilities). But, bad or disappointing as they are, the lackluster sequels always make me better appreciate those trailblazing games that have that “je ne sais quoi” and keep us coming back for more. So keep at it amazing game designers! We want more! Just don’t cross that fine line… Happy gaming from your friends at Mayday Games! And as a bonus, here’s a cinematic example of crossing that “fine line." Kudos to the very creative mind(s) out there in cyberspace who produced it. Enjoy!


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