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What We're About

We take tabletop gaming seriously, because free time doesn’t come around nearly enough in life. And it’s those fussy, esoteric, and admittedly geeky standards that drive us to obsessive excellence. We’re proud of our original games, specialty play pieces, and custom card sleeves, because frankly, they’re good enough for us. And that’s saying something.

Let’s build a better game night! Downtime doesn’t have to run through dullsville. That’s why we make innovative games and premium accessories to keep your good times golden and your collectibles convention ready. Because enjoying your spare time is never a waste.

Say Sorry to the boring board games that have a Monopoly on closet space with fast-paced Mayday Originals like Lemonade Stand and Walk the Plank! Pass on tabletop traditions to new generations, or gather good buds and good brews for some grown-up fun. With lightning mechanics, eye-catching art, and customer-driven content, Mayday Games is proud to present an all-new, old-fashioned game night.

 Oh, hey! Sometimes we get featured in the news too, which is pretty rad.

Our Awesome Team

Ryan Bruns - President

Some say Ryan was born with polypropylene sleeves around his hands. Others say he began as a wooden meeple, eventually granted manhood by the charity of a magical fairy. All we know is, he’s our go-to guy for scouting new titles and keeping a pulse on the industry. And when he’s not convention hopping all around the globe, you can find Ryan hosting legendary Lord of the Rings game nights and being an all-around good husband and father.

Seth Hiatt - Founder, CEO

Making deals and breaking hearts (watch out ladies, Seth is happily married with a whole brood of adorable offspring), Seth is the head, heart, and various vestigial organs of Mayday Games. Overseeing everything from production to acquisition, Seth also speaks about 75 languages, including Portuguese, Mandarin, and Dothraki, and has unrivaled taste in outerwear. Seth currently lives in China to work closely with our manufacturers, and because he feels really tall there.

Jeremy Blake - COO

Most people sleep seven or eight hours a night. Jeremy sleeps on Sundays. Otherwise, he's running all of Mayday's daily operations, including, but not limited to, web mastering, marketing, employee wrangling, and all kinds of logistical gymnastics. And when he's not fanning our high-maintenance staff with palm fronds, he enjoys--well, we're relatively certain he has a life outside of work, but there's no conclusive evidence yet. He claims to enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding, but his ghostly pallor suggests he's never actually been outdoors.

Daniel - Head of Designer Development

A lot of people follow the rules—Daniel makes them. He’s the man who tests our new games, developing optimal gameplay with a good balance of challenge and fairness—think of him as a Supreme Court Justice, but significantly more powerful. He’s also a real live rock star, having melted faces at Warped Tour, SXSW, and a slew of musical festivals that are still hip with the kids. These days, you’re most likely to find Daniel at home with his family playing Arkham Horror and Wings of Glory.

Allison - Lead Graphic Designer

Allison Litchfield is our lead graphic designer for Mayday Games. She started working for Mayday while living in China, but now resides in Las Vegas, NV. When she’s not working on game graphics she’s exploring new places and spending time with her Bengal cats.

Nathan Smith - Web Development & Data Analysis

Maple (Cat) - Morale Booster

About: The Mayday Games Team

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