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Sneak Peek Graphics [Click Clack Lumberjack]

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Hi all, it's Allison here at Mayday Games. We have a ton of upcoming games and I can't keep the secret much longer. Below are a few sneak peeks of upcoming games. CCL Mockup You've all seen our popular game, Click Clack Lumberjack. We're in the works of reprinting CCL and thought the existing design could use a revamp. The box is now larger and the contents are much better (three(!) different bark colors, clear rulebook instructions, more game variants). Axe yourself, do you have what it takes to make the cut? AssassinCON Mockup The graphics are almost complete for this game called AssassinCON (created by Binh Vo). Here's a quick summary of the game: "Welcome to AssassinCon, the annual convention where assassins meet to show off tools and skills and decide who is the best in the world! This year the contenders have decided to take it out of the judge's hands. Do you have what it takes? Join in this great HIDDEN ROLE game to find out!" Garbage Day MockupWorking on this game has been a blast. Garbage Day (created by Shane Willis) is a dexterity card game in which roommates try to avoid taking out the garbage by stacking their trash on the shared trash can. If you case one of your fellow roommates to knock the trash pile over they have to clean it up byt they want to do the same to you. Pass trash off onto other players, stack what you can on the pile, and hide trash in your room to avoid responsibility; but be careful! If your room is too full you'll have to clean it! That's it for now! Stay tuned for more sneak peeks in the future. -Allison


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