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What On Earth is Crokinole?

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Crokinole, (pronounce it like a frog—croak-in-ohl), is an action board game with elements of marbles, shuffleboard, and curling. Played by two players, or two teams of two, it requires a special board and disc set. Players take turns shooting discs across the round, typically wooden surface, aiming at various targets including enemy discs. Created in the 1870s, crokinole was popularized in North America by agrarian and craftsman communities. The highly portable game brought friends and families together, requiring nothing more than a tabletop to set up. Amish and Mennonite societies took crafting crokinole sets to a new level of mastery, paving the way for the wide range of artistic, luxurious, and inventive boards available today. Modern crokinole sets often serve as conversation pieces, with unique designs including art prints and even boards that double as functioning wall clocks. Today crokinole is played competitively around the world, culminating in official tournaments like the Chinese Championships of Crokinole. Pro players need fine motor skills, excellent hand-eye coordination, and a sophisticated understanding of physics and geometry. And, while mastery can take a lifetime, it’s a simple game to pick up, making it ideal for beginners of all ages. Furthermore the action element makes it entertaining for kids and teens as much as adults. “So,” you may ask, “if crokinole is so gosh darn magnificent, why isn’t there a play set in every cozy corner, coffee shop, and classroom?” Spectacular question! Unlike most board games, crokinole sets are proudly and masterfully crafted. Like a pool table or hockey rink, the consistency, contouring, and finish on a crokinole board affect gameplay. Therefore, game sets can cost between $150 and $200. But that small investment gives you a beautiful board that can be passed down through generations, fostering a treasured family tradition. Shop Mayday Games Crokinole here!


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