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5 Fun Family Games To Play At Home

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For over 100 years, people all around the world have gone crazy for crokinole. And though it doesn’t enjoy the fame of chess or checkers, we think crokinole is at least twice as addictive. Maybe because it takes very little time to learn, but requires great skill to master. Crokinole also packs plenty of fast flicking action, making it perfect for families. Kids, teens, and adults take turns shooting discs across a circular table, attempting to aim at targets and other players’ tokens. Younger children get a kick out of the whizzing discs while more mature players enjoy high stakes strategy and a competitive climate. Best fit families: Great for bringing together families with younger and older children, as well as grandparents, crokinole is exciting for all ages.

Get Bit!

Get Bit! turns your tabletop into an ocean of adventure. Combining classic card play with imaginative action, this game is full on fun in 3D. Complete with shark and pirate action figures, players strategize to stay ahead of the pack and swim to safety. Get Bit! Is different from anything on the market, with vibrant art and accessories to stimulate imagination and help hold the attention of younger players. Its zany action and pirate themes are fun for teens and adults too, making it a clear winner for almost any family. Best fit families: Sharks and pirates are so in right now. Pre-teens and older kids who might pass on the old-fashioned gameplay of other board games will appreciate this fun, fresh adventure.

Click Clack Lumberjack

A new and improved version of international smash Toc Toc Woodman, Click Clack Lumberjack let’s your whole family hack away at boredom. Complete with molded tree tower, this game captures the imagination and whisks your family deep into the woods. Each player takes a whack at victory, attempting to knock away bark without toppling the tree. A modern twist on balancing classics like Jenga, Click Clack teaches patience and humility as much as strategy. Best fit families: Younger children really respond to the colors, shapes, and action. It’s also a great game for competitive groups who like a real challenge. Be aware that small pieces should be kept away from kids under three.

Lemonade Stand

Straightforward and simple, Lemonade Stand is a colorful card game that puts players in the position of a citrus magnate. Players manage their own business, making strategic choices about pricing, stocking, and advertising, and turning lemons into . . .well, you know. Ideal for two to four players, Lemonade Stand games last about 20 minutes each, making it perfect for fun before bed or on the go. Best fit families: Busy families full of students, athletes, executives, or soccer moms will love the chance to get in family time when it’s most convenient.

Ticket to Ride

High in imagination and adventure, Ticket to Ride takes players on a cross-country train trip complete with real train car pieces. Its light strategy is easy to master and with games lasting about 45 minutes, it doesn’t require an entire afternoon’s commitment. An exciting chance to learn a little about America and its cities, Ticket to Ride can also be expanded with additional game pieces (sold separately). Best fit families: Families who love to travel will really get on board for this great train adventure. Note that gameplay is recommended for kids eight and up, as each player must manage many small pieces.


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