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The Women of Mayday Games

The Women of Mayday Games

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March 8 is International Women's Day and we have some pretty amazing women who work for Mayday Games. What better day than International Women's Day to highlight these women and a little bit of what they do for us? Plus we get to give you all a little glimpse behind the Mayday Games curtains!


Allison is our Lead Graphic Designer so she makes all the games look amazing! She started working for Mayday Games while she was living in China and now she lives in Nevada - talk about traveling the world! When she isn't working on making Mayday Games look top notch, she is spending time with her beautiful baby girl or with her Bengal cats! 


Jondi is our Vice President of Marketing. You probably remember reading her introduction blog she wrote a few months ago! Jondi works on sales promotions, maintaining our websites, blogging, social media, and she has her hands in lots of other little fires! When she's not working on promoting Mayday Games, she is likely playing board games, hanging out with her cats or working on her podcast - Eat Chit & Dice. 


Do you love getting your orders from Well, you can thank the wonderful and fearless Kay! She heads up the Mayday Games warehouse and we think she's pretty amazing at it! She's been with us for over two years and when we moved to the new warehouse, she got a new toy - a forklift! She said she's pretty excited about it, even though she's still working on mastering the skill of using it! Kay loves to go to conventions (when we let her out of her realm)! Count her in if you want to play dice games, dexterity games, deduction games or just about anything with dice! Kay also somehow manages to find time to spend with her husband, 3 children and her grandson in between sending out all those packages!


Melinda is the Warehouse Assistant and she's a godsend! Without her, we could never let Kay go home!! Melinda says working at Mayday is great. "What is not to love about working here? I get to work with awesome people and play games, and let’s not forget seeing how high we can climb the ladder!!" Puzzle games and dexterity games are her go-to games and during her off time, you just might find her hiking or running races (like the Dirty Dash) with her son. She also enjoys attending concerts and movies!


Jessica is our Marketing Assistant. She helps Seth with emails, gets games sent out to reviewers, helps organize some of the conventions we attend and assists Ryan with projects as well. Basically, Jessica helps keep everyone going! What company doesn't need a good assistant! When she attends shows, she talks to reviewers and who wouldn't enjoy talking to that smiling face?! 


Kate is our Factory Liason in China. Seth used to live over there and was able to do that himself, but since he lives stateside now...we depend on Kate to do that for us. She checks up on things for us and does quality control inspections when they're needed! So we know you all appreciate what Kate does just as much we we do!


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