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An Interview with the Designers of Rooster Rush!

An Interview with the Designers of Rooster Rush!

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Recently, we interviewed Antoine Bauza and Corentin Lebrat - the designers of Rooster Rush

Antoine: Corentin and I attend Tokyo Game Market each year in May. In Japan, the board game industry is small and designers auto-publish their games and sell about a hundred copies at this event. One year, we decided to do the same - and that's how the came with the idea of Gaijin Dash. At first it was about a foreigner visiting Japan and crossing the street at a red light. When we signed with Mayday, it was clear we needed to find a new theme!

Antoine: Our initial japanese artist almost quit in the middle of the production, because we were very very picky about the drawing we wanted for the game and the fact every email we exchanged must be translated from french to japanese (and the other way around). There aren’t too many illustrations in the game but they cost us many hours... We apologized deeply to him afterward. Hopefully everything is behind us now!

Antoine: Our collaboration was very smooth. They managed all the art part so we can work on some Kickstarter exclusives to fit their online campaign. Everything was done easily, which is always a great way to work.

Antoine: Hard to remember, honestly! I can tell you the latest game I bought though: it was Clank!

Corentin: It's been a long time...maybe "Drôles de Zèbres" a 2-player game designed by B.Cathala.

Antoine: Since Childhood. I used to play boardgames, then a lot of video games (Sega, Nintendo Golden Age), then a lot of pen and paper role playing games before I switched to boardgames again in 2003. Nowadays I’d like to have time to play all those kinds of games but I can't!

Corentin: I played a lot of video games and tabletop wargames (like Warhammer) when I was a child and, in 2009, i started playing modern board games.

Antoine: Few recent titles I enjoyed lately: Flamme Rouge, Exit, Pandemic Legacy s02, Fantasy Realms, Rhino Hero: Super Battle.

Corentin: Currently, I enjoy playing Flamme rouge, Exit and Paper Tales.

Antoine: (long time no see) friends, japanese food and some promising prototypes!

Corentin: My best game night is a game night with friends and burst of laughter.


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