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Save the Dwarven Kingdom: How to Build Your Army in Nidavellir  Card Sleeve Sizes

Save the Dwarven Kingdom: How to Build Your Army in Nidavellir Card Sleeve Sizes

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The main goal of the game Nidavellir is to build an army strong enough to defend the kingdom against the fearsome dragon Fafnir. Only the bravest fighting force will be chosen, and amassing a collection of worthy Dwarves and Heroes depends on maximizing your coins and choosing your recruits wisely. Choosing a good set of Nidavellir game sleeves will help your Dwarf armies stand up to years of battle.

Best Nidavellir Game Sleeves

Nidavellir includes 118 cards measuring 54 x 80 mm. Among the top selections for safeguarding your Nidavellir cards are the following compatible sleeves:

Mayday Games Standard Card Sleeves are acid-free and are sold in packs of 100 polypropylene sleeves. They are an economical choice for sleeving a game with a large number of cards. The Premium Card Sleeves are made of similar materials to the Standard sleeves, except that they are thicker and more durable. Premium sleeves come in packs of 50, meaning you would need three packs to cover a complete set of Nidavellir cards. Alternatively, you could purchase the Yucatan Sleeve Bundle with two 100-packs of archival-quality sleeves. All of these sleeve products perfectly fit the 54x80mm Nidavellir cards.

Bidding for Bravery to Save Nidavellir

In Nidavellir, you gather your army by bidding for soldiers at three taverns; the player who bids the highest-value coin at each tavern gets first pick of the Dwarves at that Tavern. Ties between players bidding equal coins are broken according to whose Gem has the highest value. There are five classes of Dwarf, each with their own unique traits and bravery level. You can also enhance your army with Hero cards, which are won by gathering an entire rank of Dwarves. One rank or line of Dwarves contains one Dwarf from every class: Blacksmith, Miner, Hunter, Explorer and Warrior.

The game is broken up into two Ages, with each Age ending once the deck for that Age is depleted. The two Ages are separated by an assessment period halfway through the game in which the King rewards players with Distinctions. You win a Distinction by having the most Dwarves of a given class. Distinctions confer specific benefits that can help you more easily win the bidding and grow your ranks. When the second Age ends, you total your points. Because each class of Dwarves is scored differently, you may find it challenging to tell how well your army compares to those of other players until the game ends. If you have the highest final score, your army has earned the right to defend Nidavellir.

Given the importance of bidding, maximizing your coins is a central part of a winning strategy. Playing your Zero coin in the early part of an Age is a good way to do this because it allows you to trade your highest-value coin for one equal to the sum of both coins still in your pouch. Earning the Hunter Distinction, which upgrades your coins, is another way of boosting your bidding power. For this reason, you may choose building your Hunter ranks as one focus of your strategy.

With a smart recruiting strategy and a little luck, you can draft a glorious army and save the kingdom from the wrath of Fafnir. Find the best Nidavellir card sleeves to protect your cards.


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