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Build and Conquer: Winning at Glory of Rome & Card Sleeve Specs

Build and Conquer: Winning at Glory of Rome & Card Sleeve Specs

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Glory To Rome is an epic card game in which you collect resources and clients to rebuild the city after the Fall of Rome and restore it to its original glory. The game consists of 187 cards that must be kept in good condition to continue enjoying the game. Unfortunately, the cards can easily be damaged during gameplay if you don't take measures to protect them. Investing in Glory of Rome card sleeves from Mayday Games is a great way to keep your cards from being ripped or stained.

Glory of Rome Card Sleeves

Glory of Rome is a card game rather than a board game with cards, so the deck is large with 187 cards that measure 63 X 88 millimeters. Glory of Rome card sleeves from Mayday Games fit perfectly and preserve the cards.

How To Play Glory of Rome

To play Glory of Rome, start by placing all of the resource cards within reach of each player. Leave room for the Pool, which is an active discard pile that allows you to interact with cards you or other players have already played.

Deal each player four Client cards and one Joker, which serves as a Wild Card that can represent any client. Each player draws a card from the Client deck and places it in the Pool. Whoever draws the card with the lowest alphabetical ranking goes first.

The first player looks at the four client cards in his or her hand and has an opportunity to do two actions. Thinking allows you to replenish your hand if cards are dwindling, while Leading makes a play that starts the game.

Each client card lists a resource, client type, building and bonus action. You can only play a card as one of these elements, so choose wisely.

The second player can choose to Follow or Think. If you choose to Follow, you must play the same type of card as the previous player.

Each player has a chance to act in the second part of each round. You may perform the action based on the type of cards in your hand to secure resources that allow you to build buildings. Each building dictates a specific resource and number that you must have to complete the structure and claim the points. For example, you must have two Rubble resources to build a bar, and once you have played them successfully and completed the building, you get a bonus action and a point.

Play continues with each participant collecting buildings and resources until all of the Client cards have been used. The player with the most points wins.

Find the Card Sleeves You Need at Mayday Games

Glory of Rome is an addictive card game, but keeping the cards in excellent condition is vital if you want the pieces to last for many years. We carry standard card sleeves that match the dimensions of Glory of Rome game cards, so browse our selection today to find the card sleeves you need to protect your game pieces.


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