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Establish Your Princedom: Basics of Playing Castles of Burgundy & How to Protect Your Card

Establish Your Princedom: Basics of Playing Castles of Burgundy & How to Protect Your Card

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The strategic card game Castles of Burgundy will tax all your creativity and cleverness in a bid to develop your estate into the most impressive principality in all of Burgundy. With such a broad scope of decisions to make and strategies to employ, you will return to this engaging game repeatedly to try and best your rivals.

Castle of Burgundy Card sleeves

Castles of Burgundy comes with 240 mini cards that are more common in European games than in American ones, but you can easily obtain appropriately sized sleeves such as these:

The polypropylene sleeves are acid-free and archival quality, safe for all of your cards. Standard sleeves are sold in quantities of 100 sleeves each. The premium variety comes in packs of 50 sleeves that are 125% thicker than the standard product. Both standard and premium mini euro sleeves will fit your 44mm by 68 mm Castles of Burgundy cards.

Princely Pointers for Playing

Each round has six turns, one for each display card. Unlike many deck-building games, Castles of Burgundy does not involve a combat stage. You win by being the ruler who makes the wisest investments in improving your land. The result is a game that offers a lot of room for strategizing, as well as a nearly endless number of possible ways for the game to play out.

Each player has a personal deck of 6 cards, corresponding to the six display (dice) cards that are connected to potential projects and goods. The dice values at the top of your personal cards will help you determine what actions and resources are available to you on your turn. However, the game allows a good amount of flexibility, meaning you’ll rarely be locked into one option simply by the dice value.

You may discard one of your upturned cards in exchange for an action or goods card connected to the display card with the same dice value as the card you are trading. If that option is either unavailable or unattractive to you, you might instead be able to obtain more workers or silver or some other resource. You may choose to prioritize building, agriculture, trade or shipping, depending on the cards you have or can obtain. You may even make some choices solely to interfere with your opponent’s plans!

Remember that the ultimate goal of enriching yourself is to enrich your realm through various projects. The only time you benefit from having a stockpile of unspent silver and unused goods at the end of a game is in the case of a tie, where having the most cards in storage can break the tie in your favor. However, it’s best to put your resources to productive use instead of hoarding them. At the end of the fifth round, you and your opponent will total up your victory points to determine who is the winner.

You’ll handle an abundance of cards every time you play Castles of Burgundy, which is a joy if you appreciate a card game with that level of intricacy. To keep all those cards game-ready for years, follow this link to find Castles of Burgundy card sleeves.


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