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Protect Your Quacks of Quedlinburg Cards from Wear and Tear with Durable Sleeves

Protect Your Quacks of Quedlinburg Cards from Wear and Tear with Durable Sleeves

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You’ve arrived at Quedlinburg’s yearly bazaar, ready to gather ingredients and mix up potions that will establish you as the ultimate quack! You have nine days to improve your ingredients bag and earn victory points, but your fellow quacks have many tricks that could outperform you, and there’s a fine line between falling short and blowing up!

Quacks of Quedlinburg Card Sleeves

Fortune Teller cards set the tone of each turn by determining what action you and the other quacks have to take to start each day of potion-making. Because they are handled by every player during the game, you’ll want to protect your Fortune Tellers with appropriate sleeves:

These card sleeves are 56mm by 87 mm, the ideal dimensions for your Quacks of Quedlinburg Fortune Teller cards.

The Quest to Be the Best Quack

Because you pull ingredients out of your bag without looking, chance plays a big role in Quacks of Quedlinburg. The starting ingredients in your bag are pre-determined, but as the game goes along, you can enhance your chances by adding better ones. Making the best potion you can without blowing up allows you a better start for the next day. Hopefully, you can keep building on that start with a combination of smart decisions and even more luck!

The single most important “strategy” for this game is to avoid the disaster of having your pot explode. This means knowing when to quit pulling from your bag. Watch the points total on the white “cherry bombs” in your pot carefully, and don’t hesitate to use your Flask to remove one if you must. If you let your potion blow up, it can be very hard to make up for lost ground later, unless your explosion happens very early in the game. With that in mind, you might try playing more aggressively in the first or second round, followed by more cautious play on subsequent turns.

Since the quality of your ingredients will determine how high your potion scores, you’ll also want to be deliberate about which ingredients you choose to collect along the way. Blue Crow Skulls are a powerful option; they give you a chance to control what you put into your pot by letting you draw several things from your bag and then decide which to play, if any. Because there are so many ways your standing can rise or fall quickly in this game, you should grasp every chance you get to exert some direct choice!

You’ll want to play Quacks of Quedlinburg many times to try and master the various ingredients, actions and bonus opportunities. To keep your cards looking great game after game, let Mayday Games supply the precise card sleeves you need.


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