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Protect & Save: How Everdell Card Sleeves Make the Difference

Protect & Save: How Everdell Card Sleeves Make the Difference

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Dive tail-first into the enchanting world of Everdell to explore the Emerald Valley and beyond to build a city of critters and constructions! Trek into the Spirecrest Mountains and explore the underwater depths of Pearlbrook. This imaginative game has an easy-to-learn strategy with endless replayability. One to six players ages ten and up can enjoy participating in this adventure, offering up to two hours of fun! You will want to ensure you protect all the cards in the game with a set of Everdell Card Sleeves to make them last. 

Everdell Card Sleeves

Everdell has several expansion games and a collector's edition, with the Complete Collection as the ultimate edition, including deluxe components and a wooden Evertree! No matter which version you choose, you must ensure the game's cards are safe from damage and deterioration. Here is a complete list of Everdell Card Sleeves you need to keep your cards in the best shape possible:

Everdell Card Sleeves: How to Play the Game

The charming valley of Everdell is a land beneath the bows of towering trees among mossy hollows and meandering streams. It is a setting for players to lead a group of critters looking to settle and establish new cities. As a player, you must send critter workers to various locations on the board to gather resources to help form your own woodland city. In each turn, players use cards to take one of three possible actions:

  • Place a worker
  • Play a card
  • Prepare for a season

Players must pay a listed cost of resources to deploy workers to prepare for each season until working through autumn (the last season). A season is only complete when all of the workers are deployed. Once all players are finished, the player with the most points is deemed the winner.

Everdell Card Sleeves: Get Yours Today!

Everdell is a game that will enchant you for years to come. From Everfrost to Bellsong, there are many characters to meet and events to host in this game. Keep your game cards safe from damage caused by dirt, spills, sticky fingers and moisture so you can continue building cities in the wonderous world you will never want to leave. With proper care, your Everdell Card Sleeves will make your game last, so don't hesitate to order your set today!


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