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Monopoly Card Sleeves: How They Can Save You Money in the Long Run

Monopoly Card Sleeves: How They Can Save You Money in the Long Run

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Many people enjoy playing the classic board game Monopoly. It's a fun game with many pieces, and keeping the cards in good condition is essential if you want to continue enjoying the game for many years. Card sleeves protect cards from spilled foods and drinks, oily fingers and careless handling.

Monopoly Card Sleeves

Whether you're playing the classic version of Monopoly or enjoying its card-based counterpart, card sleeves are necessary to keep all of your game pieces in good condition. Monopoly Deal card sleeves protect cards from being ripped, torn or stained during gameplay.


Monopoly cards measure 66 x 80 millimeters. Monopoly Deal cards measure 57 x 88 millimeters. Both versions of the game come with 100 cards.

How To Play Monopoly

The goal of Monopoly is to own the most properties on the board and make all of the other players bankrupt. Designed for two to six players, the game has six distinct game pieces to choose from. Other components of the game include:

  • Board
  • Chance Cards
  • Property Deeds
  • Community Chest Cards
  • Paper Money
  • Dice

Before beginning the game, give each player $1500. The players then roll the dice to see who goes first, and the person who rolls the highest number begins the game.

The first player rolls the dice in and moves his or her game token to the corresponding number of spaces. If the player lands on a property, he or she can decide to purchase it from the bank with the funds they have. The player may also land on a card space and be required to draw a Chance or Community Chest card which could help or hinder gameplay.

If another player lands on a piece of property you already own, he or she must pay you the required rent listed on the property deed. If you own all of the properties in a certain set, you can choose to purchase houses or hotels, which requires other players to pay much higher fees if they land on any of these spaces. Buying more hotels means you are more likely to make other players run into bankruptcy because if they cannot afford to pay the required fees, you take their remaining money and put them out of the game.

When you draw a Chance or Community Chest card, you may be required to pay additional fees based on the number of houses or hotels you have. You may also have to pay other players. On the other hand, you can also earn money by drawing one of these cards. The player who owns the most properties and hotels usually wins the game of Monopoly.

Find Monopoly Card Sleeves To Keep Your Game in Good Shape

If you lose or damage any of the cards that come with Monopoly, you can't play the game anymore until you purchase replacement components. Investing in card sleeves is a good way to keep your game pieces safe so you can continue to enjoy the game with friends for many years. Browse the selection at Sleeve Kings to find the card sleeves that fit your Monopoly cards.


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