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Marvel Champions Card Sleeves: Best Type & How to Play

Marvel Champions Card Sleeves: Best Type & How to Play

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Do you have what it takes to join the ranks of legendary Marvel heroes and become a champion? Marvel Champions allows players to jump into that universe to embody iconic Marvel Heroes such as Iron Man and Black Panther. The one to four-player game is an epic adventure in a battle to stop infamous villains from their devious schemes. As a living card game, regular releases of new heroes, scenarios and products are always around the corner. Protecting your game cards with Marvel Champions Card Sleeves is your best bet to keep them safe from the wear and tear of the universe.

Marvel Champions Card Sleeves

The original cards included in this game and new release cards need protection to make them last. Luckily, there are two kits to choose from to ensure you have exactly what you need to safeguard your game from damaging elements. There are 373 original cards in this game that do not include new regular releases. Here is a list of Marvel Champions Card Sleeves you need to protect your game cards:

Premium Kit - 50 Sleeves Per Pack

  • Six packs of MDG-7077
  • One pack of MDG-7075

Standard Kit - 100 Sleeves Per Pack

  • Four packs of MDG-7041
  • One pack of MDG-7039

You will have extra sleeves available in both kits that will allow you to have some available for the release of new cards for the game.

Marvel Champions Card Sleeves: Card Dimensions

The Marvel Champions game comes with cards in two sizes. There are 199 Player cards, 137 Encounter cards and seven Reference cards, a total of 343. These cards all have a dimension of 63.5 x 88mm, a ubiquitous size that can fit cards for other games you may have at home. The thirty Status cards are smaller, measuring 41 x 63mm, a mini standard size. These measurements ensure you get your game's best card sleeves for Marvel Champions.

Marvel Champions: How to Play

Marvel Champions is a cooperative game for one to four players, allowing each player to take on the role of a Marvel hero's character and alter-ego. In this game, players work together to defeat a villain trying to enact an evil scheme controlled by the game. The card game consists of a series of rounds with two phases: player and villain. The player phase allows participants to attack enemies, thwart villain schemes and use ally, upgrade and support cards to their advantage. The villain phase is the opposite, placing a threat on the main objective. The game continues until either the players win as a team or the villain prevails.

Marvel Champions Card Sleeves: Get Yours Today!

In the words of Stan Lee, "With great power, there must also come responsibility." Now is the time to master the universe to save your cards from damage from moisture, dirt, spills and sticky fingers so you can preserve the life of your game cards. The plastic makes it easy to clean your cards without degrading the material. With appropriate care, Marvel Champions Card Sleeves will keep your game cards safe from the elements for a long time, so make sure you order your set today!


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