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Mayday Announces Swan Panasia Card Sleeves? What is that about?

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A few days ago we launched a Kickstarter campaign for a whole new line of card sleeves by Swan Panasia.  Since then we have been asked by lots and lots of people about how this was going to work, and why on earth we would do this.  We're here to fill you in on the details.   [caption id="attachment_229" align="alignnone" width="300"] Click here for the Kickstarter![/caption] So you can check out the project HERE.  It has been up less than four days and is already over 25% to its goal, so it seems like it is being well received.  You can see it is projected to about triple it's goal by the end according to 50+ types/sizes of Board/Card Game Sleeves from Swan Panasia -- Kicktraq Mini So does this mean Mayday and Swan are merging?  Will Mayday Sleeves go away?  Well, no.  Mayday is still Mayday and will continue to produce card sleeves, tokens and lots of new board games.  We are just helping Swan out.  Swan has been around for years but their main focus has never been card sleeves.  They have a ton of great games and sell very successfully to their market, mostly in Asia.  For them Card Sleeves have never been a big focus for them and they have never had occasion to get their sleeves into wider distribution, especially in the US. Mayday on the other hand started as an accessory and card sleeve company and has branched out into games, but sleeves and things are still our bread and butter.  We have a passion for these products and work hard to keep up on them.  In fact just this week we added a new sleeve type to our line, the Magnum Dungeon Sleeve.  In other words, we have the distribution in the USA for sleeves already and are using that network to get Swan's sleeves out there.  So why would we do that?  Partially because Swan's sleeves are great, but mostly because it made real business sense to us.  There is margin to be made in the sleeves for us and Swan has way more types of sleeves than Mayday. So how will this all work?  Mayday will keep on being Mayday Games and Swan will be handled separately on the website  Mayday will handle the import and distribution of Swan's sleeves, but will continue to run just like it always has.


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