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Take Me To Your (New) Leader

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For those of you close to Mayday Games, you may be aware that about a year ago I relocated to Suzhou, China along with my wife and three kids.  Our family was ready for a change from Utah and we have really enjoyed our time here in China.  Professionally, it has also helped our company secure better manufacturing relationships, improved quality control, lower costs and a greater understanding of the manufacturing process here in China upon which most of the board-game industry relies upon so heavily. [caption id="attachment_244" align="aligncenter" width="300"]This is us in Suzhou near a famous canal Suzhou China, August 2012[/caption] My long-term goal was to uniquely position Mayday with the know-how to produce games and accessories in Asia, while serving our primary markets in the USA and Europe, where we have warehouses for distribution.  As an American I already have a basic understanding of the US market and we maintain an active warehouse in Utah with a couple of employees.  Since most of what I do can be done from just about anywhere, I decided to set out on a six-year plan to achieve the right quality of manufacturing and to open up Europe for larger distribution.  My plan is to live in China for three years and then to relocate to Germany for another three years. My wife has been keeping a nice little blog of our experiences here in China at if you are interested in finding out more about our personal adventure. Mayday has continued to enjoy very robust growth in the past year and it has become necessary for me to take a step back in the day-to-day operations as I focus more on product development, manufacturing and European distribution.  Effective November 15, 2012 Mayday Games will have a new President, Ryan Bruns. We are very excited to have Ryan as the new leader of Mayday Games, he is a very detail-oriented visionary who has prior experience running an online board game business.  I believe his commitment to quality and customer service will allow Mayday to continue to grow.  I am also teaching Accounting and MBA courses for several universities and expect that to become a more time-consuming venture in the near future. So what will change at Mayday?  Gregg and Sarah will continue to work as the primary contacts for customers, while Ryan will be handling most wholesale accounts and managing the rest of our operations  From the front end nothing will change, but we hope everyone’s experience with Mayday will continue to get better. We have some other exciting announcements in the near future that Ryan is working on, stay tuned!


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