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Hoop & Stick Is Here At Last! The Wait Is Over! Preorder Today! [April Fools]

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a Rafflecopter giveaway hoop-stick Introducing Mayday’s newest dexterity smash! Hoop and Stick is the latest and greatest title in our exhilarating tradition of dexterity games for the whole family. Often called hoop rolling or hoop trundling, Hoop and Stick brings miles of gameplay no matter what you call it. Available in three thrilling finishes, including wood, metal, and traditional used bicycle tire, there’s a hoop and stick for every inclination. Each game kit comes assembled and ready to roll, providing exercise while enhancing dexterity and mental acuity. Ideal for ages five and up, Hoop and Stick takes only moments to learn, but years to master! And it’s all the rage with today’s most celebrated and trend-savvy celebrities. Hear the stars whooping about hooping!


Hoop and Stick is distinctive and dignified, just like my face. Some people say I look like an otter. I think Hoop and Stick looks like a whole lot of fun.
  -Benedict Cumberbatch miley
I wouldn’t stick my tongue out at Hoop and Stick. And I stick my tongue out at literally everything else.
  -Miley Cyrus jonathan
Fewer buttons means more design. Hoop and Stick has zero buttons. I wish I’d designed it myself.
  -Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple Inc.  

How To Play

Set the official Hoop and Stick Recreational Sphere upright on a flat surface with room to frolic. Mayday recommends open paths, empty parking lots, or vacant bowling alleys for maximum hooping potential. Use the official Hoop and Stick Agitator Rod to tap the hoop, urging it along as it rolls. Points are awarded willy-nilly—you can give yourself props for style, duration, or a particularly good hair day. Get the product details and place your pre-order here! preorder  

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