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Get Bit! On TableTop with Wil Wheaton

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Recently, Get Bit! had the honor of being featured on our favorite board game showcase, TableTop. If you’ve never checked it out before, check it out you should, as it consistently features today’s raddest games with a big side of sass. You can enjoy the full episode below, or skip to the last third for TableTop’s go at getting bit. Warning: Graphic toy shark attack imagery may be too shocking for those of delicate constitution. In this episode, Geek Pied Piper and Jeremy Piven look-alike Wil Wheaton hosts Ryan Higa, Rod Roddenberry, and our personal hero, Freddie Wong, in a ruthless round of maritime carnage. (If you haven’t discovered Freddie’s Medal of Honor Cat, stop any charade of productivity and check it out here: So who’s got the teeth to win this showdown? A king of cards himself, Wil reveals Get Bit! “involves skill, psychology, and a little bit of game theory . . . these are all skills I used when I was a poker player.” In addition to picking up great tricks for staying afloat in the game, you’ll also learn real life lessons on how to survive a shark attack.* The guys also show off some pretty inspired robot poses that could put even the most centered yogi to shame. So who will swim away from this battle of snark meets shark? Probably not Rod, who testily growls, “I want to change the name of the game to Bite Me!” Watch for yourself and feel free to send links to your own Get Bit! videos and reviews. Want your next game night to go swimmingly? Check out Get Bit! now. *Mayday Games cannot assume legal responsibility for real-world shark encounters. Actual limbs may not reattach.


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