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Garbage Day is Great for Tweens - Guest Post

Garbage Day is Great for Tweens - Guest Post

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Garbage Day is a great game for any tween collection

Anyone who knows tweens, that glorious age of 9-12 years old, knows these children love gross things. Potty jokes are the height of humor, and bodily functions are hilarious. This age group also likes to tease their friends and light sabotage. 

Which is why I love playing Garbage Day with tweens. In Garbage Day players are trying to avoid taking the trash out.  On your turn you have the option to “throw trash away”, discarding it to the center trash can, or “Hide it in your room.”  The fun starts with the extra cards that allow you to hide trash in your friends room, or make them throw away extra trash.  

Garbage Day does a great job of combining dexterity with light strategy and a dash of “screw your neighbor,” all things this age group loves. The cards show items of rubbish just gross enough to appeal to them. 

I play this game with middle school kids at an after school program. Garbage Day is a favorite and requested often. I love that it stores in the garbage can, is easy to teach and understand, and teaches critical thinking without being too heavy.  

This game would be a great addition to any middle grade classroom, after school program, or library. It is also great for the home collection.


Mayday Games would like to thank Marissa Clutter for this guest post and images.


Singh Movers
Singh Movers

Great post. I like to think I’m doing pretty well in this arena but there’s always lots of room for improvement.

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