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Epic Space Battles: Tips & Tricks for Star Wars: Armada

Epic Space Battles: Tips & Tricks for Star Wars: Armada

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People passionate about an iconic franchise have a plethora of games to choose from to immerse themselves in the experience and create their own adventure. When it comes to popular card games, keeping them in pristine condition ranks high. Avoid unnecessary damage and enjoy the thrill of the experience by getting.

The Best Star Wars Armada Card Sleeves

Many games come with different card sizes, creating a visual aesthetic that adds to gameplay. Getting the right sleeve kit remains essential to ensuring maximum protection. Whether a person opts for a premium or standard kit, each one comes with high-quality, acid-free and PVC-free sleeves.

Sleeve Specs and Dimensions

Since the many games available come with cards of varying sizes, it may lead to confusion. Luckily, getting sleeves from a company dedicated to quality and ease of purchase takes the hassle and confusion out of the equation.  The sleeve kits available include sleeves for the standard cards, large cards and small cards.

  • Standard: 63.5 x 88 mm
  • Large: 70 x 120 mm
  • Small: 41 x 63 mm

Star Wars Armada Card Sleeves Protect Game Play

With the cards protected, now comes the exciting part of saving the galaxy. Prior to starting Star Wars Armada, a player chooses to serve as either an Imperial Navy or Rebel Alliance fleet admiral. During play, each of the two players makes tactical commands to take the lead in various battles. Whether small or large, each battle may have long-lasting consequences.

Featuring a unique and innovative maneuver tool, players assemble their fleets to take on the enemy. The tool features hinged segments that create realistic inertia that players must maneuver through, transporting the player into the stars. While steering across a battlefield, which has squadrons of the enemy lurking around, players must have nimble ships to make it through the fight. The intuitive design of the ships enhances the tactical experience of the game.

Capital ships play a key role in the game. With their massive size, they have less maneuverability. Delivering commands that take into account their sophistication provides additional challenges. Each ship has a specific command value, which determines how many commands a player can make. During the initial command phase, players choose the ship commands from four different selections. Depending on the command chosen, a player may get a few extra bonuses.

Once the rounds start, choose a command, place it under the command stack, and reveal a new command. From determining the course to squadron activation and maneuvering, the competition quickly heats up. Once ships exchange fire, players must choose the right tactical commands to avoid ships getting destroyed. The game ends when all of a player’s ship gets destroyed or after six rounds of play.

Get Your Star Wars Armada Card Sleeves at Mayday

While engaged in the thralls of battle and strategically developing a game plan, players do not want to have to worry about a spilled drink or greasy fingers ruining the cards for the next adventure. Choose Star Wars Armada card sleeves from a company dedicated to quality and performance for peace of mind.


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