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Raid & Explore: The Basics of A Feast For Odin (Including Card Sleeve Specs)

Raid & Explore: The Basics of A Feast For Odin (Including Card Sleeve Specs)

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While the goal of Feast for Odin revolves around commanding Vikings to raid, pillage, hunt and trade, you do not want the artfully crafted cards to feel the brunt of your efforts. Focus on the gameplay and explore new worlds with focus and confidence by getting high-quality card sleeves.

High-quality Feast for Odin Sleeves

As a person who appreciates a competitive game full of adventure, strategy and unknowns, you want to make sure every element remains intact. Along with ensuring a perfect fit, clear polypropylene sleeves have an acid-free and PVC-free composition that provides archival protection. Optimal premium sleeves include:

Sleeve Specs and Dimensions

A unique game with unique artwork and pieces, play involves much more than gaming. This strategy and puzzle game creates a plethora of surprises and allows players to forge different paths. The game comes with 237 cards, tiles and other decorative pieces. The manufacturer notes the following size of the cards:

  • Standard: 45 x 68 mm

Play Basics For A Feast for Odin

An immersive Viking saga, this board game features many complexities while delivering simple yet engaging play. An opportunity to relive the past and experience mercantile expeditions, exploring new lands and defeating the competition. As players raid and explore, they also have to keep in mind the necessary daily activities needed for survival, such as hunting.

A points-driven game based on a worker placement foundation, it also features an innovative grid-based polyomino tile placement element. At the heart of the game, players strive to gather tiles, green and blue, to fill the grid. Of course, gathering tiles comes with specific rules that add to the challenge. Players have to fill the grid a certain way while ensuring green tiles do not touch one another or get separated from money, pillage rewards, or blue tiles.

From the get-go, the Feast for Odin board itself takes center stage. It has 61 spots for worker placement. With that many options, players can easily take their own unique paths through the game and work to avoid the other player from stealing a spot. Additionally, the spaces have different columns that cost differently. For example, one column may cost one work while a second column may cost two. With the goal to build the most wealth and value, calculating cost plays a key role. The board also has 86 points of squares for tiles.

As you start the journey, players start with a section of Vikings for one year. Play includes developing a pattern of preparation, placing workers and achieving feast requirements. Once a round ends, a player must fill the feast table with various plants and vegetables. At this point, you also have the opportunity to configure the colored tiles to increase income. Progression of the games requires expanding outward, hunting and deciding which risks to take on. A typical game may last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours.

Grab Your Feast For Odin Card Sleeves at Mayday Games

Feast for Odin provides an engaging experience for up to four players. Knowing that strategy games require diligent focus, keep your cards protected with Feast for Odin card sleeves.


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