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Mayday Games Sleeve Finder

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Keep our handy neoprene Mayday Games Sleeve Finder as a mouse pad near your checkout area to help you and your customers find the perfect sleeves for their cards. Just lay a card on the Sleeve Finder to see which type of sleeve to buy - it's that easy! Ordering a spare for your back office might help when you're ready to make that next big sleeve order.

Print-at-Home Version

Click here to download an 8.5x11 version

IMPORTANT: Every printer is different. In order for the sheet to be printed the correct size, you'll have to make sure you go into printer settings and make sure that 'no artwork is scaled'. Typically, printers automatically scale an image to 'fit to page' but if that happens, you're going to run into sizing issues.

Be sure to check your printed version with a ruler to make sure that it printed the proper size.

Which Sleeves Fit My Cards?

We make it easy to find out!

Premium VS Standard Protection

Premium Protection

  • Thickness: 90 microns.
  • Protection level: Indestructible!
  • Great for the serious collector or gaming enthusiast with serious protection in mind.

Standard Protection

  • Thickness: 40 microns.
  • Protection level: Can't touch this!
  • Perfect for the casual budget-minded gamer, or even for the serious gamer who prefers a slightly thinner sleeve.
Please contact our support team if you have any questions about this game.
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