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Why Should I Use Card Sleeves? What's The Point?

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Here at Mayday Games, we like to say putting your collectibles in card sleeves is like giving them a permanent hug. But if you’ve got love for your cards, there are plenty of far less precious reasons to protect and sort them with sleeves. Here are just a few of them:


Separate and track your decks for tournaments with your favorite style sleeves. Single out and store decks for the long run. Cover your absolute essential cards and keep them together so you can pick your hobby back up whenever you like. Color code decks for easy identification with color-backed sleeves.


Maintain value and collectability by keeping cards in mint condition. Protect cards from the elements, especially in storage where moisture and dust can lurk. Prevent fading, scratching, bends, and creasing in storage or on the table.


Use your best cards without the stress of soiling them. Don’t hide away your aces when you could claim victory! Stand up to hard shuffling. Quality sleeves give a smoother shuffle for better, fairer redistribution. Protect against marking and transparency. Worn cards can become identifiable over time. Changing out solid-backed sleeves ensures a uniform, opaque hand so no one can get inside your head. Bring your cards camping and backpacking, to sticky barbeques, sandy beaches, or even rowdy dorms. Focus on total domination instead of stains and spills. Enjoy your hobby in secret. We think it’s great to let your geek flag fly, but if there’s ever a time when you don’t want to advertise your Yu-Gi-Oh obsession, solid-backed sleeves keep your cards safe and your public image right where you want it. There are hundreds of reasons to sleeve up so Mayday Games offers a wide range of custom-measured cards for the snuggest fit around. Browse them all here!


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