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What Are The Best Card Sleeves For Magic The Gathering?

You down with MTG? Then you better get the right sleeves to keep your lands tappier, your graveyards emptier, and your burn decks burnier. Here’s all you need to know about picking the best sleeves.

What measurements should I look for? For Magic cards, we recommend 63.5 x 88mm sleeves. Premium thickness will offer the best possible protection. Check out our custom sizing guide here!

What should I look for in the quality of my card sleeves? With Magic, you’ll want to look for enough length, so card tops won’t get damaged. Sleeves shouldn’t tear easily, particularly under standard use. Sleeve seams should hold up to hard shuffling, especially for tournament players. And to get that perfect shuffle, avoid sleeves that are too slick or too rubbery. You want to hit that sweet spot of slick but grippable sleeves. In addition to material quality, you’ll want a truly snug fit. If sleeves are too loose they can let in dust and dirt, defeating the purpose of protection.

What kinds of sleeves are banned from Magic tournaments? Tournament rules will vary, but typically certain kinds of sleeves are discouraged. Others are totally banned. To be safe, avoid metallic sleeves like Ultra Pro’s gold and silver backs. Furthermore, holographic images on sleeves are rarely accepted in competition.

What are the most preferred card sleeve brands for Magic? Obviously, we’re proud of our own card sleeves. Mayday Games produces a variety of sleeves guaranteed to fit your MTG cards. Check them out here! Other popular brands include Ultra Pro and Dragon Shields. Ultra Pro sell well, but come with many complaints about durability. Many players also note that certain colors hold up better than others, but they do offer a large range of options. The Magic community commonly recommends Dragon Shields, though common criticisms include cards arriving warped or warping over time. They also tend to run at a higher price point, which can add up if you’re protecting multiple decks. Overall, Mayday Sleeves are more affordable and come with a guaranteed fit. Please contact us right away if your cards don’t arrive in excellent condition.

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