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Track Down Jack the Ripper: Tips Clues For Playing Letters From Whitechapel

Track Down Jack the Ripper: Tips Clues For Playing Letters From Whitechapel

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Letters From Whitechapel is a fun game of strategy in which you can play as the infamous Jack the Ripper or the police trying to catch him. It's a game for two to six players, although all of the police players have the same goal of trying to capture the elusive serial killer. The game comes with a few cards and cardboard tokens that dictate how you move around the board, and keeping these cards in good condition is essential if you want to continue enjoying the activity for many years. Mayday Games sells card sleeves to keep your game pieces in pristine condition.

Letters From Whitechapel Card Sleeves

Letters From Whitechapel cards measure 75 X 90 millimeters. This is a substandard size, and while Mayday Games does not have card sleeves in these exact dimensions, we do carry Mega Civilization card sleeves. They measure 75 X 105 millimeters and can be adjusted to fit cards from Letters From Whitechapel.

How To Play Letters From Whitechapel

To play Letters From Whitechapel, first set up the gameboard between all of the players. One competitor chooses to play as Jack the Ripper and takes the Clue Tokens, Victim Tokens, Crime Scene Markers and the Move Tracking Sheet.

Jack the Ripper secretly chooses a place on the board to be his hideout. His objective is to return to that hiding spot by the end of the four rounds to evade capture by the police. The player marks the number of his hideout space on the Move Track Sheet to record it in secret.

There are four rounds in every game of Letters From Whitechapel. Each round is called a Night and is divided into two parts. Jack the Ripper receives varying numbers of Special Movement Tokens and Victim Pawns depending upon the round.

During the first part of each night, the Head of Investigation police player chooses five spaces to place the police pawns. Jack the Ripper then places several Victim Tokens on the board. He has several opportunities to kill or wait, but every time he chooses to kill, he must mark that spot down as his current location and move through adjacent spaces to reach his hideout. He must kill at least once during every Night.

During the second phase of each night, the Police Pawns uncover clues by asking Jack to reveal previous unmarked locations. Each police player may reveal one previous location on the board.

At any point in the game when Jack is unable to make a valid move because of the nearby presence of police pawns he loses the game. The police can also win by revealing Jack's current location on the gameboard. If Jack successfully evades capture and reaches his hideout at the end of the fourth Night, he wins the game.

Buy Card Sleeves From Mayday Games

Many games like Letters From Whitechapel require cards to play, and if you aren't careful, the cards can easily get stained or torn during the game. Investing in card sleeves from Mayday Games is a great way to enjoy gameplay for years. Browse our site today for Letters From Whitechapel card sleeves.


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