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The Ultimate Guide to Card Sleeves: Types, Materials, and Sizes

The Ultimate Guide to Card Sleeves: Types, Materials, and Sizes

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Everyone knows the pain of spilling a drink or getting dirt on their favorite collector’s cards. Or worse, ruining a stack of cards from your favorite board game with wear and tear. That’s where card sleeves come in, but they’re not a one-size-fits-all. You need to know the types, materials, and sizes to ensure your cards are efficiently protected from spills, dirt, and grime.


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  1. Different types of card sleeves
    1. Card Game Card Sleeves
      1. Size: 63.5 x 88mm
      2. Fits games like Call of Cthulhu, Pandemic, Dominant Species, Race for the Galaxy
    2. Standard Card Sleeves
      1. USA
        1. Size: 56 x 87mm  
        2. Fits games like Munchkin, Bang!, Shadows Over Camelot
      2. Euro
        1. Size: 59 x 92mm
        2. Fits games like Dominion, Agricola, Le Havre
      3. Chimera
        1. Size: 57.5 x 89mm
        2. Fits games like Descent, Runebound, Arkham Horror
    3. Mini Card Sleeves
      1. USA
        1. Size: 41 x 63mm
        2. Fits games like Twilight Imperium (3rd Edition), WoW Board Game, Warrior Knights
      2. Euro
        1. Size: 45 x 68mm
        2. Fits games like Ticket to Ride USA, Pirate’s Cove, St. Petersburg
      3. Chimera
        1. Size: 43 x 65mm
        2. Fits games like Arkham Horror, Middle Earth Quest, Wings of Glory
    4. Penny Card Sleeves
      1. Size: 2 5/8 x 3 5/8 in
      2. Fits games like Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, Dragon Ball Z, basketball cards, baseball cards, & more!
  2. Card Sleeve Materials
    1. Mayday Specifications: 
      1. Acid-Free
        1. Materials with acid could stain and destroy cards over the long-term
      2. PVC-Free
        1. Materials with PVC will destroy the cards over the long-term by breaking the product down
      3. Clear Polypropylene
        1. Contains absolutely no chemicals like acid or PVC that will destroy the cards over time. This material is food-grade, so it’s safe for a majority of products, including cards




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