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SNEAK PEEK: Bucket Kings 3D Graphic Design From Allison

SNEAK PEEK: Bucket Kings 3D Graphic Design From Allison

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Hey gamers, It's Allison. We're staying super busy over here at Mayday Games - we've signed almost 20 games these past few conventions and we can't wait to share them with you. Occasionally, Mayday licenses games that were originally produced in countries outside of the US. We've just signed with Jolly Thinkers to sell Bucket King 3D by Stephan Dorra in the states. Here's how to play:

You might be thinking - "That's easy. This game should should be on the shelves soon then, right?". Usually the graphic design process is much easier if the artwork, layouts, and packaging designs are complete (woohoo!) but we strive to make every game the best it can be - whether we're starting from scratch or working with something that's already been produced in another language. allison-2

We edit the rulebook, clean up any errors, and add our Mayday logo to the box, and make sure all of the art files are good to go. If possible we like to design and produce promo components that are exclusive to the English version of the game. My favorite part about this process is coming together as a team and gathering ideas to create new promo pieces. The artwork for Bucket Kings 3D is super fun and I can't wait to show you the final product. Stay tuned!


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