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Gather Evidence: Basics of playing Watergate & How to Protect Your Cards

Gather Evidence: Basics of playing Watergate & How to Protect Your Cards

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If you're a history fanatic, Watergate may be one of your favorite card games. This two-player activity allows you to play as either the Editor or Nixon Administration while depicting one of the most scandalous events in US history. Because there are so many cards used in the game, keeping them safe from tears and stains is important. Investing in a set of Watergate card sleeves from Mayday Games is the best way to keep your game in top shape.

Watergate Card Sleeves

Watergate has a deck of 44 cards that measure 75 X 105 millimeters. The large size requires Mega Civilization Sleeves to protect them from accidental damage during gameplay.

How To Play Watergate

Watergate contains a game board, Event Cards, Momentum Cards, Evidence Tokens, Momentum Tokens and an Initiative Token. Setup is simple because you only need to set the game board between the two players, place a Momentum Card in front of each player and give each participant a draw pile of Event cards. Set one Momentum Token, Three facedown Evidence Tokens and the Initiative Token on the 0 space on the Research Track.

For the first round, the Editor has the Initiative and gets to go first. He or she draws five cards, while the Nixon player draws four cards. The players take turns playing the event cards and choosing which action to play.

Each event card is divided into two parts. The top section depicts a number of spaces where you may move a Momentum or Evidence token. The bottom half of the card gives an action. You may choose whether to move a token or play an action to put a piece of evidence on a board.

The round ends after each player is out of cards. Whichever momentum tokens are on your side of the evidence track to become yours to keep, as well as any evidence tokens. A new round begins, and whichever player has the initiative gets to go first.

If you choose to place Evidence Tokens on the game board, you should place them strategically to connect various informants to Nixon in the center of the board. The Nixon player can alternatively block the Editor by placing evidence tokens facedown to obstruct paths between informants and Nixon. Play continues through several rounds with each player collecting evidence, but if the Editor successfully connects two informants to Nixon, he or she immediately wins the game.

However, the game can also be won by collecting five Momentum Tokens. When either player has collected five tokens, he or she wins the game regardless of what types of evidence are on the board. The Nixon player also has a slight advantage because he or she will win immediately if the game goes on for too many rounds and the players run out of momentum tokens.

Find Card Sleeves Today

If you want to enjoy Watergate for years to come, you must protect the cards. We have  Watergate card sleeves in the perfect size for your cards, so browse our selection today to find the ones you need.


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