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Recruit Your Minions to Win! How to Play Tyrants of the Underdark  Card Sleeve Specs

Recruit Your Minions to Win! How to Play Tyrants of the Underdark Card Sleeve Specs

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Before hosting a game night, you have a checklist of to-dos to ensure a fun time is had by all. After buying drinks and snacks, preparing a space for gameplay, and setting the perfect atmosphere, the last step remains to protect your Tyrants of the Underdark cards. Card sleeves offer an easy and affordable way to keep stains and potential tears at bay.

High-Quality Tyrants of the Underdark Sleeves

True protection comes with getting quality sleeves made with clear polypropylene. This material is free of PVC and acid, providing archival protection. Prior to planning your next adventure with friends, be sure to protect your cards with the following:

Sleeve Specs and Dimensions

While some games throw you a curve with hundreds of cards in multiple sizes, the makers of Tyrants of the Underdark decided to leave the complexity to the gameplay itself. The game’s 260 decorative cards have a standard size of:

  • 63.5 x 88mm

Take Control During Tyrants of the Underdark Game Play

A competitive game of strategy, each player becomes a dark elf leader of a Drow house. The goal for each person is to gain greater power by controlling as much of the Underdark as possible. This happens by building a force of minions, which are represented by cards. The types of minions include soldiers, house guards, priestesses of Lolth and insane outcasts. Additionally, each unique minion represents a different aspect of the Drow world.

Those marked with ambition enable a player to more easily recruit and create a strong inner circle, a special game zone with increased value, whereas conquest minions help a player take over the Undermark. The other types include malice, which make ideal assassins, and guile minions, who are adept at spying and disrupting another player’s control. Last but still as important are the obedience minions, which help ensure daily tasks get achieved.

Each person playing Tyrants of the Underdark starts with 20 cards. With the goal of building a deck, players can go to the central marketplace to recruit. The other aspect of the game is gaining power. The power you gain, the more troops you can place to expand your represented house across the Underdark. With that power comes the ability to manipulate events and destroy enemy troops. Every site controlled and minion recruited gives players points.

During play, you draw cards from your deck, which either let you use influence or power for military operations. The challenge comes with using the right strategy at the right time. You can use power to take out enemy tokens, but you also need to ensure you have enough minions to take over as many key locations in the city as possible. The more you have, the more points you get. Ultimately, the player with the most points wins the game.

Tyrants of the Underdark provides a challenging game for two to four players. Most games last approximately one hour. To ensure years of continued fun, preserve your game by getting Tyrants of the Underdark card sleeves.


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