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Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves: Which Ones Are Right For You?

Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves: Which Ones Are Right For You?

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Have you or someone you know ever worked in a fast-food restaurant? This game is a fun-filled strategy game about building a fast food chain. The focus is on building your company through a human resource management system by playing the set of cards in the game. Two to five players can spend 2-4 hours competing on a variable city map with multiple tasks to complete in order to succeed in purchasing, marketing, sales and operating a job market. It is a game in the food business, and protecting it with Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves will ensure your cards are safe from the wear and tear of playing this game over and over.

Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves

The cards in your food dream adventure game need protection to make them last. There are 330 cards included in this game. Fortunately, the game cards are of a standard size, streamlining your efforts to have fitting sleeves to protect your game. Here is a list of Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves you need to protect your game cards:

Premium Kit

Card sleeves in the premium kit have a quantity of 50 per pack.

  • Six packs of MDG-7076

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 100 per pack. You will have some extra available if you order the standard kit sleeves.

  • Four packs of MDG-7040

Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves: Card Dimensions

The dimensions for the Food Chain Magnate game cards are one size - 56 x 87mm. The fantastic feature of this particular size card sleeve is the ability to fit your cards back into the original inserts and boxes in your game. The standard size fits cards for numerous games with the same size cards, some of which may already be in your home! The 330 cards in Food Chain Magnate all require repeated play, thus making it essential to keep them well-protected.

Food Chain Magnate: How to Play the Game

The game consists of map tiles that are set up in a grid according to the number of players in the game. Each player begins as a single entrepreneur working to build up a fast-food chain. The way to accomplish this is by hiring and training staff members with particular ability cards representing each one. There are also variable cards to help run company operations. The game ends when the bank runs out of money twice, with the wealthiest player as the winner.

Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves: Get Yours Today!

Now is the time to safeguard all 330 cards in your game, just as you protect your famous fast-food chain in the game! Keep your cards safe from damage from food-stained fingers, dirt, spills and moisture so you can play the game with all of your friends and family for many years. The plastic is more forgiving than the card material, making cleaning easier without degrading them. With proper care, your Food Chain Magnate Card Sleeves will last for many food service turnovers, so don't hesitate to get your set today!


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