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Flamecraft: Card Sleeve Specs & Play Instructions

Flamecraft: Card Sleeve Specs & Play Instructions

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In the world of Flamecraft, you and your fellow Flamekeepers visit the shops of your small town and use your skills to encourage the dragons at each shop to do their very best work. By using your rapport with the dragons to improve the shops, you gain reputation points which can help you become the "Master of Flamecraft" by the end of the game. Since no two games of Flamecraft are exactly alike, you’ll want to play again and again to try out the many modes, abilities and enhancements.

Fire Up Your Flamecraft Card Sleeves

When you play Flamecraft you’ll be handling the Enchantment and Artisan Dragon decks frequently. For this reason, a good set of card sleeves is a must for keeping your cards looking great.

  • Standard Mini Euro Card Sleeves (MDG-7035) will safeguard your Flamecraft cards at an affordable price. You get 100 sleeves per standard pack, which makes them good value.
  • Premium Mini Euro Card Sleeves (MDG-7080) come in packs of 50, and they provide the enhanced protection of a thicker sleeve.

Thicker card sleeves are a great choice for cards that you touch more often. You might choose premium sleeves for your Enchantments and Artisan Dragons, while sticking with standard ones for your less-used Fancy Dragon and Companion decks. Both the standard and premium Flamecraft card sleeves are 45mm by 68 mm, making them a perfect fit.

Develop Your Town and Your Flamekeeper Reputation

Once your town is set up with the basic shops, you and other players visit those shops and either gather goods from them or enchant them. Gathering goods helps you obtain the goods, coins and dragons you need to do your job as a Flamekeeper. Enchanting a shop will improve the rewards you and others can get from visiting that shop. You can also improve a shop by adding Artisan Dragons or “firing up” the dragons that are already there. When all shops have as many dragons as they can hold, you can add new shops to your town. The game ends when either the Artisan Dragons deck or the Enchantments deck runs out of cards.

You may find it difficult to pursue a straightforward tactical strategy to win this game. That’s because Flamecraft is designed so that the best thing you can do for yourself is usually something that will make the shops more rewarding for other players as well. To achieve your best reputation, you'd be smart to enchant early and often.

You can also enhance your reputation by serving the needs of fancy dragons, and it can be a fun challenge to try and score big with this strategy. Keep in mind, however, that Fancy Dragons have lots of very specific requirements; a focus on their demands may cause you to overlook easier ways to gain reputation points.

Flamecraft is a game that’s well worth your time, and the game’s charming artwork will motivate you to protect your Flamecraft cards. Visit Mayday Games to find Flamecraft card sleeves that will keep your decks as pristine as possible.


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