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Enter To Get Your Entire Game Collection Sleeved For Free!

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Update 4: Check out our top 20 board gaming shelfies post that is a round up of our favorite shelfies entered into this contest. Thanks again everyone for entering! Update 3: We just randomly selected the winner of the contest and ... *drum roll* ... HUGE congratulations to Michelle E. for having the luck of the internet contest randomizer Gods on her side!!! Michelle has been contacted and we're excited to sleeve her whole collection! :D Check out Michelle's collection: michelle-collection Update 2: Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this contest! We will be announcing a winner within 48 hours! Winner will be posted here and we will also attempt to contact the winner individually via email. Thanks again! Update: We're entirely blown away by the scope and scale of the reception that this contest has received! You guys are all so awesome! For those that haven't entered yet, be sure to scroll through all of the "shelfie's" in the comments below and then be sure to post one of your own! We're excited to see which game library will soon be all sleeved 100% by Mayday sleeves! Keep being awesome! sleeve-contest-blog Happy Holidays friends and loyal customers! I've got some exciting news: We're giving away enough sleeves to cover your entire game collection! And if you think that's crazy, wait till' we tell you that we're also going to sleeve every game that you buy within the next 6 months of winning this contest! Kinda crazy, eh? Crazy or not, here we come!

How To Enter

You've got all sorts of ways to increase your chances of winning this contest and you can see them all right here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

So What's the Catch?

No catches to speak of. Obviously if you're a business, we're not going to sleeve your entire game library. This is limited to consumer gamer libraries only and up to a maximum retail value in Mayday sleeves up to $500. Once you win, you just need to tell us what games you have and what sleeves you need to cover those games. And we'll do this for up to 6 months from the time you win the promo. International winners will just have to pay shipping on the sleeves that they request. Shipping is free within the United States. We're going to trust that you're entering this contest for you, and for you only. There's no way for us to guarantee that we're sleeving only your game library, but we trust you to be honest with us and not sleeve all of your friends games too. No, this offer does not include physically sleeving your games for you. ;) TL;DR Terms: No business owners can enter. We will not sleeve a business game library. Maximum retail value in sleeves we will give away is $500. We will sleeve all of the games currently in your collection and any games you purchase within 6 months of winning the contest within the $500 retail limit.We reserve the right to ship the sleeves by whatever means necessary, including whenever we can. For out of stock sleeves, paying customers maintain a higher priority and we will ship your sleeves once all paying customers are taken care of. We reserve the right to add to these terms and conditions during the contest. International winners must pay shipping. Free shipping within United States.


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