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Welcome to the Mayday Games Team, Scott!

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AN INTERNAL MAYDAY COMMUNICATION, RELEASED INTO THE WILD: Everyone, Please welcome Scott to our little Mayday Team. He will be part-time running our Kickstarter projects for us, AKA doing my job so I can sleep a few hours per night! He has run several game projects quite successfully and I believe he will be a GREAT addition to our team. He will be on Slack soon enough and included on just Voodoo ad other non-released games for now. Ryan, be sure he is set up on a payroll spreadsheet and send him a W9. Scott, Just so you know who is who, let me give you the rundown: Ryan: President and all-around nice guy. He does everything and rocks. Jeremy: VP Technology and our guru for all things technical. He does our SEO, Website, newsletter, sales, technology and systems and is our strategic thinker. He is single-handedly responsible for all of the best things happening at Mayday (I’m responsible for all the worst generally). He has also worked on our videos in the past and did amazing work on Dead Man’s Draw and Meteor to name a couple. Curt: Curt is relatively new to Mayday and handles all our customer service for our website but is rapidly expanding into more and more. Super efficient. He is my new best friend for go-to stuff. Deb: Also new and she is handling the “back-end” Kickstarter customer service, but is just getting her feet wet. She is basically handling all questions about all prior projects and helping to keep our backers happy. She is handling all the add-ons that people want to do after the fact and helping us with keeping the very fickle KS crowd from destroying us. Daniel: Daniel is our Warehouse manager and a total workhorse. He handles our warehouse, inventory, shipping, logistics and is now handling a significant number of our wholesale accounts too. He supervises Kay, who is our part-time shipping person, she doesn’t need much in the way of communication but she is on Slack under the Warehouse Channel. Daniel is a huge gaming fan and does a lot of work with Ryan on development and rulebooks. Allison: Allison is our full-time graphic designer and general go-to lady. She is fast, efficient and professional. Just don’t mess with her or her pet cat, our honorary mascot. Seriously. Allison will be providing you with all the graphics you need for the KS. Don’t feel like you need to go out and get those or make those, for the most part Allison generates all our images and is skilled at a bunch of stuff. Ben: Ben is our sort of part-time graphic designer who knows the industry inside and out and helps Allison when she is overloaded. He also has done our last several KS videos and does great work with that animation IMHO. He really adds a lot to our final design. Paula: Paula is the co-owner of Mayday Games, she does all the final editing on our rulebooks, she has a keen eye for detail and sports a Master’s in English from BYU and really knows her Ps and Qs. She is also the most patient/tolerant person here, what with being married to me and all. Me: I have run all of our prior KS as you know and can help in any way you need to, but of course the less I do the better, I have golf you know. Just kidding, I hate golf and am totally overwhelmed way too often. I think that is it. Maybe Jeremy or someone can turn this into a blog post for me? Meet the team in Seth’s own words? If I missed anyone I’d like to thank the Academy for being nominated. Check out the team here!


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