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Don't Expose Yourself! A Game Review by Mike Hill

Don't Expose Yourself! A Game Review by Mike Hill

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Do you like fancy parties on cruise ships? Are you into stealing people's wallets? Then Overworld Games' latest release, Exposed, is the perfect hidden identity game for you.

My history with this game began way back in the play testing phase, starting with a pdf file. I spent about an hour printing, cutting, and sleeving my first copy.  I play tested the heck out it. Finally, I got to back it when it went live on Kickstarter.

In Exposed, you are all guests on a cruise ship, but you are no ordinary guest. You are all pickpockets, trying to steal wallets and expose your competition. At the beginning of the game every player is given a secret identity card. That card corresponds to a tile on the board. The board is a 5 tile by 5 tile grid. During your turn you have a choice between 4 actions. Move- swap any 2 tiles that share a side, and you may do this twice. Steal- steal a wallet from any tile touching your tile. Expose- expose any tile in the row or column. Snitch, the Hail Mary move- you may expose any tile on the board but at the cost of showing 1 player your secret identity card. To win you must either collect 7 wallets or be the last unexposed pick pocket.

A very cool mechanic in this game is that even if you are exposed, you are not out of the game. You can still take all actions but wallets stolen are now placed on your tile, unsafe and ripe for the picking. I also like the marked guests, stealing from these guests give you a special power listed on their card.

All the components of this game are very nice. Quality cards, chunky tiles and the art is really cool. The box is the proper size and all the components fit in it very nicely. Instructions are clear and concise, though the game is very intuitive and is picked up after just a turn or 2.

I really enjoy this game and it hits it's niche really well. A perfect party type game with some strategy and bluffing involved. It works well for new gamers and children alike. Game plays in about 25 minutes, so it also works well as a filler game. Exposed will make you think a little, when trying to remember people's last turns. I really enjoyed that. This was the first Kickstarter I ever backed and I'm so glad I did.

Check out some of Overworld's other great titles, including Good Cop Bad Cop, and New Salem.

What was your first Kickstarter? Let me know in the comments below.

Mike H.

exposed board game cards
exposed board game cards
exposed board game set up


playing the exposed board game


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