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We are now in Week 5 of the 12-week promotion. We hope you're enjoying seeing and being able to download the High-Res PDF's of all this amazing art for Bad Doctor! We are so excited for you all to be able to play this game! 

THIS WEEK'S IMAGE is great! Comparing medical scrapes, your friends can't hold a candle to this one! Be sure to click on the download link and download the high-res version of "Ear Wax Build-Up," and you'll also be entered to win an original signed art print from Bad Doctor, signed by Bill Holbrook! You could choose this one if it's your favorite!


Remember, each Monday, we are going to release a new image from the game. When you enter the contest by giving us your name and email, which will later be added to our VIP newsletter (if you're not already on it), you will get to download the art in a PDF format. If you come back and enter each week, you'll get to collect all 12 PDF's, but that's not all! That's 12 entries to win one of the original prints SIGNED BY BILL HOLBROOK!

Come back each Monday to get the new image and you'll get a new entry into the contest!

At the end of 12 weeks, we will draw 5 grand prize winners who will get an  original signed print and 10 runner-up winners will receive a Bad Doctor t-shirt!! 


Imagine you're an overworked doctor in an overcrowded hospital. The best you can do is work to keep your patients alive (barely) until your shift is over, then pawn them off on the next shift. You just hope that if things go wrong, and they will, you can shove the blame on the other doctors! 

Bad Doctor is a competitive tile-laying game that's easy to learn with fantastic player interaction and simple game play that's guaranteed to appeal to gamers and non-gamers alike!

The fantastic art, drawn by syndicated cartoonist Bill Holbrook, really brings Bad Doctor to life! His unique style and panache lends itself to the tile-laying gameplay with comic panels on each tile that are sure to give you a more than a few chuckles while you play! 

Look for Bad Doctor at GenCon 2018!


Bill Holbrook grew up in the Space Age atmosphere of Huntsville, Ala. in the 1960s. Upon graduating from Auburn University in 1980 he was hired by The Atlanta Constitution as an editorial staff artist. After several attempts at syndication, his office strip “On the Fastrack” was picked up by King Features and debuted in 150 papers on March 19, 1984.

Eleven days before that he’d met Teri Peitso on a blind date. they were married on Pearl Harbor Day, 1985, and now have two daughters. They also gave birth to a second strip about kids called “Safe Havens.”

In September 1995 he began a new strip called “Kevin & Kell” which is now the internet’s longest running daily webcomic. He was named Cartoonist of the Year at the 1998 Pogofest, an annual gathering in Waycross honoring the great Walt Kelly and “Pogo.” “Kevin & Kell” was given the Ursa Major Award in 2003 for Best Anthropomorphic Comic Strip, and in 2016 it was one of three nominees for the National Cartoonists Society’s Silver Reuben award for Best Online Comic (Short Form).

He recently collaborated on the comic book “A Duel in the Somme,” written by Ben Bova and Rob Balder.


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