Rescue Polar Bears Cooperative Game 1-4 Player Game
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Rescue Polar Bears Cooperative Game 1-4 Player Game

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Rescue Polar Bears: Data & Temperature is a cooperative game based on Rescue Polar Bears with a new data and temperature system added to the game design to make the strategy more diversified.  

The consumption of fossil fuel and releasing of greenhouse gases yield the global warming. Around the north pole, the last icebergs are melting and the polar bears are facing the risk of being extinct. The players form a scientific organization. They try to collect data about climate change to persuade the governments to change their energy policy. At the same time, they also need to prevent polar bears from sinking into the freezing water.  

Each player drives a rescue ship of different ability to complete the mission on the Arctic Ocean. As long as the players collectively gather enough data, they win together. However, if too many polar bears sink into the water, everyone loses.

Download the new English Rules Here.

  • Great components! including amazing, adorable polar bear meeples! Note the first printing for Taiwan/China was made with resin and we will be doing a limited run with the same high quality resin bears! Any print runs we may do later on will include the plastic polar bears and they will have a different look to them. So if you like the resin bears, NOW is the time to get your copy! It may be your last chance to get these adorable resin bears! 
  • Amazing Insert!  This game will include what some have said is one of the most well-thought-out inserts for a game. The components are easy to organize and it makes set up a snap. The insert was carefully designed specifically for the components in the game and not just a cavernous empty space to toss everything.  
  • Revised Rulebook!  Updated rulebook to clarify the rules and make setup and game play painless. You can download the rulebook here.

 "Very good cooperative game. Harder than Pandemic but also more interesting. And way more beautiful." Grueh, Alfortville, Ile de France · France (here)

 Download the rulebook here.

 "Usually I'm the one who likes to be rescued from playing CO-OPs, but this one was fun! Very interesting how this game is able to sustain the tension throughout the game. The polar bears are so *cool* they just have to be saved." Ellen M, Westport, Connecticut (Here)


 "Rescue Polar Bears is my game of 2017 and also 2018 possibly 2019 and possibly for all of forever time. I give this game all my paws up." Colin, The Board Game Bear (read full review on Reddit HERE)

"This game plays pretty fast and I was engaged the whole time. I felt we were making meaningful decisions and no one took a leader role. We were definitely working together more than dictating. We had some pretty serious bad die rolling round and I was seriously thinking we were going to lose... It was a great time and I can't wait to play it again this weekend. SO CUTE!!!" Steph Hodge,  All The Meeples Of The Rainbow (half way down the page HERE).



Mayday Games is a board game publisher.  We have published games about the whole of humanity being wiped out (Eaten By Zombies), ship crews being eaten (Walk the Plank and Get Bit), deforestation (Click Clack Lumberjack) and other potentially inflamitory themes.  But Rescue Polar Bears is different for us, as the threat to our environment is real and present.  Those on the political left and right disagree about the degree of change to our environment and even the causes.  But all of us can agree that if a species as iconic as the Polar Bears is threatened with extinction that we will all want to take action.  

This game tackles this possibility in a family-friendly way but we hope all of us will engage in real conversations about what our planet will be like after we are gone.  For more information about polar bears and their future prospects we recommend reading THIS put out by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  There is a very real debate as to the true nature of the polar bear's current risk and our voices should be heard, regardless of your political leaning.  Please keep your comments here on Kickstarter respectful and free from political debates, that is what Facebook is for.

We are committed to conservation and Rescuing Polar Bears!  Mayday has donated $1,000 USD on the day of this campaign launching to the World Wildlife Fund which works to preserve our precious natural resources.  We are a proud Partner In Conservation Member!and while we can't announce any donations as a part of this kickstarter, we will be donating more to this important charity after the campaign too.  Details will follow after the campaign is over.


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