Kickstarter Cash - Bonus Money

Product Description
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$1.00 USD

Note: Kickstarter Cash is for Kickstarter Add-Ons / Pledges only!

This "product" is set up specifically for you Kickstarter Backers who need to add extra funds to your pledge via Kickstarter.

For Example:

To add $20 to your pledge just add 20 units of this product (since the product is priced at $1 each).

After you add this item to your cart, please make sure you leave a note on the cart page that explains what your Kickstarter Bonus Money is for so we know what to add to your order.

Then checkout and email to with your order # (from this website) and your Kickstarter email address, the one you use for Kickstarter so we can match your payment up to your pledge.

This is just your way of adding bonus money to your Kickstarter Pledge!

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