Deluxe Poetry Slam: A Groovy Party Game for 3-10 players
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Deluxe Poetry Slam: A Groovy Party Game for 3-10 players

$35.00 USD $19.95 USD

This is the very special DELUXE VERSION of Poetry Slam. We aren't sure about the future of this version and when and in what form it might be sold again. What is so special about this version vs. the standard version?

  • Foil Cards! Yes the 26 letter cards are foil in this version only.  The standard version has standard cards.
  • Custom Pencils! The pencils in the deluxe version have "Poetry Slam" printed on the pencil, not so with the standard version.
  • 5 Blue Player Screens!  This version will have an additional Blue Player Screen X 5 included.  The standard version has only purple player screens, this version has both purple and blue (five of each).

We are charging the same price as the original game and you can't get this anywhere but driectly from Mayday Games, so preorder here to guarantee your copy.  Supplies are VERY VERY LIMITED and the game will sell out. In fact, you can't even get the original game at all anywhere right now! 

Groovy, Daddio! Everyone can be a far-out poet even if they don't know it, ya dig?

Poetry Slam is the party game all about writing short poems so that you can score big. Come up with some cosmic lines, and you'll find everyone snapping their fingers to the rhymes. Not only that — you gotta be fast coming up with rhymes since everyone is playing at the same time. If someone else finishes before you, they may end up getting a higher score, too. So come on, grab a pen, and start slammin'!

Download the Rules here

Skip the rulebook, learn how to play from Poetry Slam designer Adam Wyse!

Poetry Slam is a 3-10 Player party game that plays in 25-45 minutes.  The simple game play combined with clever scoring make this a brilliant casual game for gamers and non-gamers alike.   

Step One: Reveal a Letter Card and a Word Prompt, then all players simultaneously write a word behind their screen that fits the rule (sorta like Scattergories but with only one word):

  •  Step 2: When you have completed your word grab a Speed Tile, first come first served! 

  •  Step 3: Using the word you created from Step 1, form a simple poem to clue in your fellow players as to your word. 

Hint: The poem should be sort of like clues from Dixit, not so easy that someone can guess it before you even finish with your poem, in that case you only get two points. It also shouldn't be so hard that no one can guess it, then you get no points. You want it to be difficult but not too difficult, so at least one person guesses correctly after you finish the poem for 3 points!  

Two final details: Snap Tokens. You must give three +1 point Snap Tokens to other players during the game, but no more than one per round. You also accumulate Slam Tokens when you break rules or use forbidden letters.

Download the rules on BGG here!

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