Ultimate Game Night Bag (PREORDER)
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Ultimate Game Night Bag (PREORDER)

$149.00 USD

This will ship to customers only AFTER we have fulfilled the Kickstarter, likely in August/September 2024.

Check out all the details on the Kickstarter HERE.

The Solution for True Game Night Players

The Mayday Ultimate Game Night Bag is an all-purpose bag for true game enthusiasts. 



This is a perfect solution to travel and store your favorite games and accessories. Our new bag is perfect for gaming on the go and will take your gaming experience to a whole new level!



Why Preorder Now?

  • Savings off MSRP: We are the first truly premium bag to offer 60% off MSRP to stores/distributors!
  • Receive in Advance: We will send to direct-order stores/distributors a few weeks ahead of the official release date!
  • Most Features: This bag offers great features and amazing attention to detail including:

Why did Mayday Games Create Our Own Bag?

There are many great board game bags on the market, but we wanted to create a bag that was a step above the rest. This bag is totally unique and was designed by board game players and for board game players.

  • Mayday Games is a company built by board game enthusiasts. We understand the unique needs of gamers and therefore designed the bag with you in mind. 
  • We want you to prepared for any gaming location you visit. Gaming venues can include game nights at home, out with friends, hanging out with your local guild, at your local game store or café, or hitting up gaming conventions and tournaments. The quality and protection found in every bag will make traveling ideal. 
  • Board games come in all sizes. The bag was designed to fit the largest of games (such as Twilight Imperium, Gloomhaven, Frosthaven, Western Legends Big Box and others). We also made sure it fit your games where multiple boxes are needed such as Dominion, Nemesis, Zombicide, Arkham Horror)
  • The best games also require multiple components. The Mayday Ultimate Game Night Bag has loads of pockets to make sure the various combinations of boards, cards, miniatures, tiles, dice, tokens, coins, and other components are kept safe.

We are committed to providing superior bags at a reasonable price. We have been producing games and accessories in China since 2008. Our CEO lived in China for 6 years and still spends a large portion of the year in China to source our games and accessories directly with the factory, cutting out the middle man and ensuring top quality.  

What was the Design Process?

Our primary goals were:

#1: ULTIMATE STRENGTH.  We engineered this bag with the PRIMARY goal of being STRONG, so strong that nobody will ever have a problem in the normal use of the bag. We designed it to hold 75 lbs (34 kg) without sustaining damage. The factory engineers tested it on their end and then we REALLY tested it in every way we could imagine to reveal any flaws. We eventually filled the bag FULL of heavy card sleeves to finally break just the outer zipper, but the bag itself held up amazingly!  Watch the videos HERE. (full video HERE)

So where did the bag fail?  It never ripped or pulled through the seams through all our tests. We finally got it to fail with boxes of sleeves pulling straight down on the zipper, which is not the way the bag would ever be carried. The side zipper pulled apart due to the stress of the weight on one side.

We were able to unzip the bag open and re-close it with no permanent damage, just temporarily split it. We continued using this prototype bag for more than a year with no further damage. We still decided to upgrade the zipper at that spot for our final product.

#2: ROOMY FOR LARGE GAMES. We set out to have the bag hold Twilight Imperium 4.  After playing War Room we thought about redoing the bag again, but we had to draw the line somewhere. Sorry, War Room... no "room" for you!

#3: EASY CARRYING.  Mayday produces a lot of card sleeves and those extra sleeves and premium add-ons to games add weight!  We've packed the bag with up to 40 pounds of games, but it isn't easy to carry that much weight over long distances, so, we specifically designed the bag to handle extreme weight with ease. Check out these options.



#4: GAME PROTECTION. Our experience with needing to protect 15+ pound crokinole boards means we understand just how much padding/protection a bag needs to provide to protect hundreds of dollars in games.  We use a thick, soft-foam padding on all sides, the walls, top, bottom, and even outside flap. We also include an interior divider that you can use between boxes to keep heavier games from crushing lighter weight ones. The divider is also perfect for holding games in place if you are carrying less than a full bag. It is also perfectly adjustable thanks to the Velcro material along the interior of the bag.

Final Features

We took over 2 years developing this bag to ensure that it ended up being exactly what we wanted. We took it to game nights, conventions, and focus groups. We polled users of other bags about what their favorite features were, what they would change, and what they HAD TO HAVE in their ideal game bag. Over this time, we received from the factory quite a few different iterations of the bag. Finally, we decided that it's time to bring it to market.

Watch Brigit from Mayday go thru the bag point by point.

Reviews & Details

We built this bag to LAST! Here are some behind the scenes looks at our testing and some candid reviews by real local gamers as well as some trusted names in Board Gaming.

Check out our own tests in Utah as we try to break this bag!

 Watch Forrest test the Mayday game bag head-to-head versus what is probably the best-selling bag on the market.

A great review from BoardGame Officer. This is a nice endorsement from someone who understands quality in equipment.

Check out Lance's review above!




Mayday Games Frequently Asked Questions

EU & UK Orders:

If you are in the UK or EU and want to purchase card sleeves we cannot sell to you from this website.  Doing so would require us to remit VAT taxes to all EU countries and the UK and it just isn't practical for us to do that.  Instead you can order from maydaygames.eu and we will ship directly from our warehouse in the UK.  Please do not try to check out on any shipments to the EU or the UK from our website as we will only have to refund you for the order and ask you to order from our EU website.  

Here are a few frequently asked questions about game card sleeves.

1. What Is the Purpose of Card Sleeves?

Card sleeves protect your cards from damage and wear.

2. Do Sleeves Scratch Cards?

No, card sleeves are specifically designed to prevent scratches and other damage to your cards.

3. How Important is Double Sleeving?

Double sleeving is extremely important. The added protection will keep your cards dust-free and protect them from water.

4. How Do You Properly Sleeve Cards?

You put your card into the sleeve from bottom to top. If you are double sleeving, the inner sleeve is put into the outer from top to bottom, effectively sealing it in.

5. How Do You Flatten Sleeves on Cards?

Usually, card sleeves flatten over time and use. Some people will use binders to flatten them faster. You can also just put them under a heavy book to "press" them flatter.  We recommend One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez, it is a doozy.

If you have any additional questions about our sleeves, contact us.

Games FAQ

Please contact our support team if you have any questions about any of our games.

Our App:

We now have an app for that!  Yes just click HERE to bookmark our sleeve finder database on your phone. This works for iOS & Android. More enhancements to the app are coming every day and we are working to keep this database of more than 4,000 games current and welcome your comments on the google sheet below if you want to add a game or find an error.

When you first open the app it provides instructions on how to save the app right to your phone's apps, just hit that "share" button and then select "Save To Homescreen".  You may need to scroll right on your IOS device on the black and white options shown to find the "Save To Homescreen" button.

Not wanting the app just now?  No problem, use CTRL+F (PC) or CMD+F (on a Mac) to search for your game below if you prefer that to using the app.

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Warehouse Pickup

If you are in Utah and want to pick up your order from us, go ahead and check out on your order and email support@maydaygames.com to let us know you would like to pick up your order.  We can arrange for that and refund your shipping when you pick up at our warehouse at 380 West 700 South Ste #3  Springville UT 84663.  We are generally there M-F from about 10 to 4.

Combined Shipping

If you aren't aware, Mayday Games shares a warehouse with both SwanPanasiaSleeves.com and SleeveKings.com.  If you want to order some Mayday products along with products from either of those websites we can easily combine the orders and refund you any shipping across any of these three sites.  Please just put in your orders from the same email account and be sure they are both shipping to the same address, then email to support@maydaygames.com with the email subject of "Combined Shipping".  Tell us the two order numbers and Curt will combine the two orders in our shipping software and refund you back the difference.  Note that sometimes our warehouse is TOO efficient and ships out before we can get the word to combine orders, but if that happens Curt will still refund your shipping. 

We also look through orders each morning and automatically combine orders from the same customer/address from all three websites and refund extra shipping without the email to Curt, but you may want to send him an email just to be safe. 

Shipping/Processing Speed

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If you are really in a hurry and want your order shipped out quickly we suggest you order from our Amazon store HERE as we ship those orders out first and those go out within 1 business days, all the time. 

Please don't email Curt asking why your order hasn't shipped unless it has been more than 3 business days normally, or 5 business days if it is right after a sale or the holidays.


Shipping and Returns Policy

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Yes, we have a MAP POLICY and you can read it HERE. In a nutshell, we do not allow stores/distributors to sell on Amazon.com through the US marketplace.  Selling on most other online venues including your own website is acceptable generally.

Store & Distribution:

If you are a store looking to carry our products please refer to our distributor list HERE and see if there is one near you that can supply our products.  You can also reach us directly by emailing your request to support@maydaygames.com.  You can also check our Store Locator list for customers HERE.


Email to support@maydaygames.com or +1(801) 820-8104

Typically orders are shipped the same day if placed before 12PM MST, M-F. However, at high volume times, it may take us up to 5 days to get your order shipped. 

EU & UK Orders:

If you are in the UK or EU and want to purchase card sleeves we cannot sell to you from this website.  Doing so would require us to remit VAT taxes to all EU countries and the UK and it just isn't practical for us to do that.  Instead you can order from maydaygames.eu and we will ship directly from our warehouse in the UK.  Please do not try to check out on any shipments to the EU or the UK from our website as we will only have to refund you for the order and ask you to order from our EU website. 

USA Shipping

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  • Orders are typically delivered between 2-7 days.
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  • Our goal is to make you 100% happy. If something is wrong with your order, we are going to fix it. If we shipped the wrong thing, we'll happily accept a return.  
  • We reserve the right to simply refund you in full for small items under $5 in some cases as the replacement shipping isn't worth the cost of the item in some cases.  

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