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We're Off To GenCon 2016!

We're Off To GenCon 2016!

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We're heading off to GenCon 2016 today! I'm excited to add another badge to my wall of... badges! :) The Mayday Games team will be in Booth #2101 from August 4-7 in Indianapolis, IN! [caption id="attachment_1344" align="alignnone" width="1200"]
Ryan Bruns (President, Mayday Games) off to Gen Con 2016
Ryan Bruns (President, Mayday Games) off to Gen Con 2016[/caption]

Get Ready For Gen Con!

If you're heading to Gen Con (or any convention), be sure to be prepared. Whether it's your first con or your 21st, here's a few things to remember.


Schleppin' Stuff

One of the biggest draws of Gen Con is the exhibitor hall; all those new games to try out and add to your collection! Sure, lots of booths have plastic bags for whatever you pick up, but they tend not to be as good as an actual canvas shoulder bag. Remember to pack one along so you don't find yourself juggling all the swag you pick up as you wander the exhibitor hall.

Hail Hydrate

It's easy to get lost in all the demos, tournaments, open play, and other general craziness and forget to stay hydrated. Instead of occasionally hunting down a water fountain, carry a spouted water bottle with ya as you roam the halls. We say spouted instead of screw cap as knocking over a screw cap bottle can have dire consequences for cardboard.

All About The Pace

There's always something happening at Gen Con. Panels, demos, tourneys, open play, dungeon crawling, and more than can possibly be listed here. Don't try to do it all in one day. Pace yourself and set a schedule for each day. You don't have to slavishly keep to it, of course; it's a convention, after all.

Come say hi and play a game or two! Can't wait to see you, Ryan [caption id="attachment_1339" align="alignnone" width="852"]
Cicero Ares & Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games with Seth Hiatt & Ryan Bruns of Mayday Games. (GenCon 2015)
Cicero Ares & Roberto Di Meglio of Ares Games with Seth Hiatt & Ryan Bruns of Mayday Games. (GenCon 2015)[/caption]


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