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Useful Tips for Playing Crokinole

Useful Tips for Playing Crokinole

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Are you looking for a fun, new game you can play with your friends and family? Well, look no further than the unique game of Crokinole. If you are wondering what this unique-sounding game is and how to play Crokinole, continue reading for more information on how to get in on the action.

At Mayday Games, we have a variety of entertaining games that you will want to play time and again. We offer a broad range of original tabletop games that will leave you excited to engage in something new and different from the usual board games. We are thrilled about what we do and eager to share it with you!

What is Crokinole?

The creative and addicting game of Crokinole is a cottage-industry creation from Mayday Games. It was first played in the late 1800s in Canada. With its resounding success, it soon spread across the world and became a hit in the United States and of course, Canada.

Crokinole is a game of dexterity where players use a wooden board fashioned in a circular shape. The playing pieces are also circular wooden discs. It can be played by two players or four plays split into teams of two people each.

How is Crokinole Played?

If the game of Crokinole is new to you, here is a primer and some useful information on how to play the game. (As there are so many variations of the game available, be sure you read the instructions that come with your game board for the best information on how to play.)

  1. Begin by selecting two players or two teams consisting of two players each.
  2. Determine which player or team will go first.
  3. Take turns by flicking the small wooden discs across the larger circular wooden playing board.
  4. Each player or team attempts to place their disc in a scoring area on the board. The highest scoring area is located at the center of the board.
  5. Alternate players or teams each round in flicking or shooting the discs. Flick one disc on each turn.
  6. At the beginning of a turn, each player or team will place their wooden disc in their respective section of the board directly in front of them so it touches the boundary of the outermost scoring ring.
  7. If the board is free of the opposing team’s discs, flick yours towards the center of the board.
  8. If the board contains your opponent's discs, aim directly for their discs in an attempt to hit one.
  9. When scoring, calculate the center hole as earning 20 points. If the discs land in this hole, score and remove them after each round is played to make room for the next round of discs.
  10. Any discs remaining in other areas of play on the board, such as those lying outside of or touching the outside scoring ring are also removed and scored after each round is played.

How Is Scoring Determined?

To score the game of Crokinole, you begin by canceling or negating scores. As an example: If Team A or Player A scores 100 points and the opposing Team B or Player B scores 75 points, simple math reduces the score to Team or Player A having 25 points and Team or Player B now having 0 points.

Before beginning play, discuss and agree to the rules. Play to a predetermined score, such as the first team or player to 100 or 200 points is the winner. Another option is to play to a commonly agreed-upon scoring system called Match Scoring. In this practice of rules, the winner of each round earns two points. A tie awards one point to each side. The winner is the team or player who has the greater number of points after four rounds.

What are Some Tips for How To Play Crokinole?

Of course, you can learn to dominate your opponents in the amazingly addictive game of Crokinole on your own, but why not let the game masters at Mayday Games help you become a master yourself? Save time and learn from the best with these useful tips for how to play Crokinole. Your friends and family will be incomparably impressed with your newfound skills.

And no matter what, while you are crushing the playing field, remember to appreciate your opponents and enjoy the process. A little fun and levity tend to make the game better for everyone and leave them wanting more of both the game and your company.

  • Always properly maintain and clean your board and discs for optimal performance.
  • Use board wax on your discs routinely and sparingly to increase mastery and outcome.
  • Lean towards your dominant shooting hand to center your balance and put your hand and shoulder in line with one another when shooting a disc.
  • Vary the use of your discs to ensure uniform wear of game pieces and to allow your body to adjust to different discs.
  • Depending on what type of discs you have in your set, you may own discs that have one side with more friction and the other that spins. Place the side with more friction down onto the board’s surface to allow you greater control.
  • Practice your movements. While practice may not make perfect, as the saying goes, practice does make you better and improve muscle memory.
  • When your turn arrives, be strategic in your endeavor. Take your time, take a breath, and calculate your maneuver. Don’t just shoot to get through your turn. Look at your options and all of the potential outcomes.

Are You Ready To Play the Best New Game?

When you want to get in on the action with Mayday Games’ inventive game of Crokinole, go to our website to check out this fun creation. Invite your friends for a delicious dinner and game night. Have your family members over to catch up and engage in some friendly competition with Crokinole. You will enjoy it so much that this game will quickly become part of your regular rotation of entertainment. Contact us today to get your own Crokinole game!

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