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Unfathomable Card Sleeves Sizes & How to Play

Unfathomable Card Sleeves Sizes & How to Play

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Unfathomable takes you aboard the SS Atlantica, where all is not what it seems. Passengers anticipate a regular journey to Boston, Massachusetts, only to experience strange onboard nightmares consisting of frightening dark shapes that circle the ship and turn out to be more than just bad dreams. In this three- to six-player game, you will immerse yourself in a game of hidden loyalties, paranoia and intrigue between humans and mysterious beings. With an average gameplay time of two to four hours, you must protect your well-used cards with a set of Unfathomable Card Sleeves for the long games that lie ahead.

Unfathomable Card Sleeves

This game has 310 cards that all come into play for various reasons during the game. Due to the long playtime, cards can be subject to wear and tear from use and the sometimes unavoidable hazards of nearby drinks and snacks. There are several sized cards to protect, so here is a complete list of Unfathomable Card Sleeves you will need:

Premium Kit

Card sleeves in the premium kit have a quantity of 50 per pack. You will have some extra available when you order the premium kit sleeves.

  • Two packs of MDG-7076
  • Five packs of MDG-7075

Standard Kit

Card sleeves in the standard kit have a quantity of 100 per pack. You will have some extra available when you order the standard kit sleeves.

  • One pack of MDG-7040
  • Three packs of MDG-7039

Super Large Card Sleeves

These card sleeves have a quantity of 110 per pack. You will have extra available when you order the super large sleeves.

  • One pack of SKS-8820

Unfathomable Card Sleeves: Card Dimensions

There are three different sizes of card dimensions included in Unfathomable. The current edition comes with 310 cards. Eighty-six standard-size cards measure 55 x 88 mm. There are 205 cards of a standard mini size with a 41 x 63 mm dimension. Finally, nineteen large cards measure 102 x 127 mm and need large sleeves for protection. These big cards are used repeatedly for the game and are most susceptible to wear and tear.

Unfathomable: How to Play the Game

The concept of Unfathomable is based on loyalties. Some players will be loyal to humans, while others choose traitors, or "Deep Ones," to be devoted to. For players loyal to humans, the object is to get the SS Atlantica to safety in the port of Boston through card play. Traitor players aim to prevent the voyage with attempts to destroy the ship, overrun it with Deep Ones or deplete all its critical resources. The game ends when the SS Atlantica's travel track arrives at the destination, any resource reaches zero, or there are insufficient Deep Ones to supply a continuing spawn.

Unfathomable Card Sleeves: Order Your Set Today!

Unfathomable is a complex game that offers hours of fun and exciting phases. Safeguard all 310 cards in your game, just as you want to protect your ship's voyage! Keep your cards safe from damage caused by food-stained fingers, dirt, spills and moisture to make them last. With proper care, your Unfathomable Card Sleeves will be ready for many trips across the sea, so don't hesitate to get your set today!


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