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Storytime With Bubba: The Quest (Lords of Waterdeep With My Wife)

Storytime With Bubba: The Quest (Lords of Waterdeep With My Wife)

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Greetings faithful Mayday readers, Bubba Washington here! I wanted to start a new series of blog post to share some of my strange, weird, and funny gaming stories. My hope is that you find these stories enjoyable and are able to relate and find commonality in your own gaming experiences. I would like to start off the series with a story about a game of Lords of Waterdeep with my wife, that to this day my wife still holds a grudge against me for.

Lords of Waterdeep is a two to five player worker placement game in which players take on role of one of the Lords of Waterdeep. The object of the game is to collect resources, in this case adventures, to complete quest to score points. The winner is the person who is able to complete the most quest to score the most points. Players collecting resources placing one of their workers on different locations on the board. In addition to collecting resources the game also has deck of cards that are essentially events that allow you to gain some type of advantage or hinder your opponent(s) in some way. One of the ways to hinder your opponent(s) is with a “Mandatory Quest” card; a card in which player must complete before they can complete normal quest card. These quest are generally worth two are three points and need a few resources. These event cards were designed to slow your opponent(s) down in some way, not to completely oppress them...unless you happen to play the correct one at the perfect time. I once started a two player game against my wife with a mandatory quest card in my opening hand.

The entire game I was just waiting for the right opportunity to play this card on her. She had been on an eight game winning streak against me and I was looking to break the streak and finally claim a victory against her. She was becoming overly confident in her ability to beat me at Lords of Waterdeep. Every time I thought about playing the quest card on her she already had the resources available to complete the quest. I didn’t just want to slow her down, I want to make her suffer, I wanted to stop her in her tracks! After all this was the only hope I had of beating her. So when the last round started and I noticed she would need a white cube to complete the mandatory quest and she didn’t have any of these cubes. On my first turn I took the only location that had a white cube available. On my next turn I dropped the mandatory quest on her knowing she could not complete it before the game was over. It only took her a second to realize the trap I set for her and she went berserk. Not only had I completely shut her turn down, but I prevented her from completing two twenty-five point quest which would have allowed her to secure a ninth win. It was the closest point I’ve ever seen anyone get to actually flipping the table over. She was so upset with me she didn’t talk to me for two solid days! It was totally worth it. Well, I hoped you enjoyed this story. I have plenty more fun and entertaining stories that I hope to share with you in the future. If you liked the story or have any funny of your own please share them down in the comments below.

Until next time, this has been Bubba Washington. Have fun gaming!


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