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Mayday CEO gives a rare live, 3-hour interview

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Every wanted to go behind the scenes of board game manufacturing?  Seth has been in the industry since 2008 and in his more than 15 years he has seen some stuff!  This 3-hour no-holds barred interview is Seths' most in-depth ever.  If you are really bored one night you may just wanna watch this.  He talks about living in China for 6 years, the pitfalls of manufacturing games, the highs and lows of Kickstarter and the adventure of having your very own ghetto warehouse!  

Ever wondered how Mayday Games got started or where our over produced inventory goes to die?  This is the show for you!

Mayday has come a long way since our very first GenCon in 2009, check this gem of an interview with Seth:


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